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poker sites for us players

Best Poker Sites for US Players

Best Poker Sites for US Players

Poker is one of the rare games that you don’t necessarily need to play against the best all the time. In fact, most people rather sit at a table with marginal players that like to gamble. Because if you find the right poker games with just the right wildcards, you can win some serious cash. Other online poker players are happy to punt around at the small stakes and relax after a stressful workday. Whatever your situation, there’s an ideal place out there for you.

Did you know more than one hundred card rooms are operating on the internet in 2021? Although that might seem like a blessing delivered directly from the poker gods, poker sites have huge differences. Of course, some poker rooms are fantastic, but just as many to be avoided at all costs. Yet do you really have the time or cash to test all real money sites? Obviously not. This is exactly where I enter the equation with my online poker site review. Rest assured, poker fans of all skill levels can count on me for impartial analysis and recommendations. So, let’s begin.


Refresh Your Poker Knowledge

Before I get into the details of poker sites let’s review common concepts of playing poker games. These concepts are common to most types of poker.


Poker-hand rankings

In all poker games, common hand rankings are used to decide which player’s hand wins in a game.

Remember, some poker games use the common hand ranking in different ways, such as making the lowest value hand the most desirable (low-ball poker).

Learn all the details about poker hand rankings and how to play poker, here.



You should not have the best hand to win in poker. Bluff and win! Bluffing means you confidently project your hand in a manner that suggests your hand is better than it is, in the hope that your opponents will believe you and fold.


Forced bets

In most poker games there is a form of compulsory bet at the beginning of a hand usually referred to as the ante or blind. Also, in many poker games, there are a small blind and a big blind, where the latter is generally twice the size of the former.


The dealer

If you’re playing physical poker at home, at a brick-and-mortar casino, or an online casino, the dealer determines the order in which the blinds are put up and players make their bets. Usually, the game unfolds in a clockwise direction starting with the dealer.


Betting options

After forced bets, the first round of betting begins and Players usually have the following betting options according to their hand:

  • Call: Matching another player’s bet or raise.
  • Raise: Increasing the size of your existing bet in the same round of betting.
  • Fold: Withdrawing from the hand and sacrificing any bets already made.
  • Check: Until the first bet in a round of betting is placed, you can choose to check (decline to make a bet while reserving the right to bet later in the round).
  • All-in: When you don’t have enough chips left to call a bet but you can play all your remaining chips.


Betting Limits

There are various different ways to bet in poker. The following are the most common ones in online poker and are usually listed alongside the type of poker in online poker lobbies.

  • Pot-limit (PL): You may bet or raise any amount up to the size of the total pot.
  • Fixed limit (FL): Betting and raising must be done by fixed amounts.
  • No limit (NL): You can bet all of their chips any time it’s their turn to bet.


Main Poker Variations

Although there are many variations of poker games, all of them fall into one of these categories:

  1. Community Card Poker: You are dealt some cards less than a complete five-card poker hand. Famous games from this category are Texas Holdem and Omaha.
  2. Straight Poker: This is the oldest form of poker, where each player is dealt a full hand of five cards. Famous games from this category are Five-card brag and Three-card brag.
  3. Draw poker: Here, you receive all five cards at the beginning of the game. But in this type, you can try to improve your hand by discarding cards and receiving replacements. A famous game from this category is the Five-card draw.
  4. Stud poker: Here, players are dealt their cards one by one in a specified combination of face-up and face-down cards, typically with a round of betting between each card being dealt. The famous games of this category are Seven-card stud and Razz.


How To Play Poker Online for US Players

Supposedly, playing online poker should be a walk in the park for every US-based resident. Just in case, read my mini step-by-step guide that will guide you through the process.


Step1: Find a poker site that suits you

Obviously, your first step is to find a poker platform that suits your preferences the most. Each of the operators I list in this article is undeniably great, but they should appeal to players of different tastes.


Step2: Register your account

After you find your match, you should sign up for an account. To register, just fill out some light paperwork, share your identity and whereabouts with the operator. It will take you a few minutes.


Step3: Load your account with funds and head to the promotions section

If you want to play real money poker games, you should load your account with funds using one of the payment methods listed in the cashier. You can check the payout, deposit, and withdrawal options in the banking section of the site. Then, go to the promotions page and look for any bonus and promotion you can take advantage of.


Step4: Let the fun begins!

That’s all, you’ve made it! All left now is to take a seat at one of the poker tables and compete in many cash games and tournaments you will easily find.


How Do I Rate and Review Poker Sites for US Players

I can tell you that it isn’t easy. To begin with, I exactly know how a great poker site should look like to poker players. Also, I know which characteristics sites should possess. So, after I review and analyze poker sites and make sure they meet my strict requirements, I put them on the list and recommend them to my readers.

Here are the criteria I impose for the selection of US poker sites:


Security and Safety

First of all, I always recommend that you find a site with a valid and reputable gambling licence. Remember, every poker brand that doesn’t have a valid license by an esteemed regulatory body is immediately excluded from further consideration.

I never recommend you an unlicensed or unreputable online poker room, so you can always guarantee that the ones on my list are safe and secure.

To earn a spot on my list, a poker site must be adequately licensed. Additionally, it must use impenetrable security measures such as SSL encryption, DPOs, and high-end firewalls.



We’re constantly on the lookout for poker sites offering the juiciest welcome bonuses. The bigger the size of the sign-up offer, the higher the poker brand offering it will rank on our list.


Game Variety

On my recommended poker sites, you find an overwhelming variety of poker games, stretching from the ever-popular Texas Hold’em to Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Draw Poker. You come across an equally impressive diversity in terms of the number of offered tournaments and cash games.


Poker Software Quality

The site’s user experience, usability, and functionality are components for a good poker site. As a result, rest assured that you won’t run into any kind of performance issues on the sites I list here.


Banking: Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The cashier section must support all kinds of payment methods, namely credit and debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Everyone wants to find an easy-to-use, safe, and lightning-fast deposit method. Also, I skip poker sites that charge sky-high fees for deposits and cashouts.


Customer Service

This should be readily available for each and every user. In case you need any assistance, you can rely on the support agents to provide fast and efficient resolution to your problem through live chat and/or email.


Player Traffic

This is another key to online poker sites that is overlooked or left out entirely in most other reviews.

You will end up frustrated if you have real money at a poker site where you can’t find filled tables at higher stakes or offers paltry tournament guarantees.

Actually, I unlisted poker sites simply based on lack of traffic. It’s that important.


Poker Sites Allowing US Players

You won’t run out of poker sites that accept US players. But don’t sign up with the first poker platform that comes to hand. Not all poker platforms are worthy of your attention. Besides, some should even be avoided at all costs.

I have carried out a detailed research and found that these three US poker sites are the go-to destinations for US poker players: Ignition, BetOnline,  and Intertops. Because each player has unique preferences when choosing a poker site, my advice is to check out other options in the list. Don’t worry; all these brands are exceptional. It’s only a matter of which one can meet your poker needs the most.


What Are Legal Poker Sites in The US

There are legal US poker sites, but not too many. For instance, the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement approved and verified poker brands like 888poker and partypoker.

Other operators from my list are also licensed in various jurisdictions across the US and Central America.  Regardless of the poker site you choose from my list, you can rest assured that it’s appropriately licensed and regulated, hence legal for US players.


Which US Poker Sites Accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, very few poker sites in the US accept PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal option. Even the handful of poker rooms that facilitate PayPal transactions support only a limited number of countries, and the US is not one of them.

PayPal abides by the rules of the countries it operates in. The gambling industry still hasn’t been regulated in the US, so you will have a hard time finding a poker site that accepts it as a deposit option.

Don’t worry, poker sites from my list offer plenty of other payment methods that are equally efficient and secure as PayPal. For example, there is a growing number of Bitcoin poker rooms that serve US customers., Bitcoin is a great payment option for poker players because it is anonymous and has high transaction speed.

Furthermore, a wide range of US poker sites accepts credit and debit cards and e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller. So, despite the absence of PayPal, I’m sure that you will find a suitable payment solution on US poker sites.

All right, here is my list of legit poker sites for US players:

Poker Site Overall Rating Bonus Deposit Options Payout Speed
Ignition Casino 5/5 1-3 days
BetOnline 5/5 1-3 days
everygame Poker 4/5 1-5 days
JuicyStakes 4.3/5 1-6 days
Americas CARDROOM 4.5/5 1-3 days
Bovada 4.5/5 1-3 days
Black Chip Poker 4/5 2-5 days
SB Poker 4.5/5 1-3 days


Poker Site Reviews in 2021

Keep reading for in-depth reviews based on my honest and thorough research.


Americas Cardroom

America’s Cardroom had an interesting journey as a rehabilitation online poker home for bankrupt gaming sites. Their tournaments are mainly unmatched in their online poker market, amazingly hosting occasional $1,000,000 guarantees. ACR is on the second-largest real money American network. It offers a unique $50 free instant tournament bonus with the right ACR bonus code.

  • Now one of the oldest online poker sites left in the market.
  • It offers 20 free Jackpot Sit and Go’s with a real money deposit.
  • Offers some of the largest tournaments in the US.
  • Offers a very fast Bitcoin payout within 12 hours.



BetOnline has settled into a nice position as one of the best online poker sites. It offers quick payouts, new software, a very good mobile app, and decent cash game traffic.

Although you have to request them manually, BetOnline has some of the largest poker bonuses, valid up to $1,000 if you’re willing to play to cash it all out. Also, currently, they are one of the best poker sites on mobile, easily showing hands from multiple tables.

  • It processes nearly 100% of US credit cards.
  • It supports Bitcoin ​and several cryptocurrencies.
  • It offers active poker tables up to the $5/10 NL level.
  • It offers new excellent mobile poker software for iOS and Android.


Black Chip Poker

It follows the quintessential “skin” online poker site formula. This means it shares tables and tournaments with the flagship brand in America’s Cardroom and reaps the benefits.

The BCP software platform is a major weakness. It works great on Windows, but the lack of a Mac or a mobile poker site is a big fail. This poker site has solid traffic.  This traffic is higher than many poker sites. Also, it offers an excellent tournament schedule.

  • BCP is part of the largest US online poker network.
  • It offers the largest real money tournaments in the market.
  • It features some unique features like Jackpot Poker.



Ignition Poker is a newer name in the online poker market. It launched in 2016 when they allegedly bought the poker division from Bovada. But don’t be fooled! Most probably they are operated by the same company in charge of online gambling veteran Bovada, which is good news for poker players.

Ignition Poker has made significant increases to their online poker promotions and bonuses. Currently, they offer a 150% bonus for players using Bitcoin to make a deposit. Also, they have some of the busiest poker tournaments. These tournaments attract thousands of players not only for Texas Hold’em games but also for Omaha and PLO.

  • It has the busiest online poker network in the USA market.
  • Offers fast real money payouts in as little as 6 hours with Bitcoin.
  • It is one of the main mobile real money clients in the US.



BOVADA is the largest in USA poker player traffic by far and has one of the loosest player bases in the world for any poker site. Also, it has close to 20 years of experience in the online poker industry.

Bovada is also the best online poker site in the US to offer fast-fold poker. Because there are plenty of players at all stakes.

  • Offers real money mobile app.
  • Bitcoin payouts in as little as 1 hour.
  • It has an excellent poker reputation earned by a lack of scandals or payout delays.
  • Fast-fold Zone Poker allows you to play 300+ hands per hour per table.


Sports Betting

If originality mattered, the Sports Betting Poker wouldn’t score highly. Because it is a carbon copy of BetOnline on the same online poker network.

You are allowed to have a real-money account both here and at BetOnline. The benefit is that you can earn any deposit bonus or promotion twice.

  • Same poker site network, same benefits as BetOnline.
  • Lowest credit card decline rate in the US.
  • It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Offers new real money mobile poker software.



I tried to give you the bests of the best so you can just focus on the game and have an amazing experience playing online poker. It’s always a good idea to read second opinions and reviews to make a good decision. So, read honest and comprehensive reviews and pick your poker site. Have fun!


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