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    Highest Payout Online Casino USA

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed for playing in a casino? Probably, your answer is yes. Although millions of people love casino games, getting started for new bettors seems overbearing. Because 1. there are plenty of games to choose from, 2. so many different options to bet, and 3. so many stuff to consider such as payout and withdrawal methods, fees, and transaction period. Hence, if you are new here, you have all the right to feel uncomfortable getting started.

    But, No worries. I am here to help.

    However, first safety! You should not start gambling in a casino unless you exactly understand what is involved. In the beginning, I will talk about the crucial information for playing in a casino. Later on, I will focus on legal online casinos in the USA and their payment methods. I will try to answer your questions about the casinos’ payment system. Therefore, both a beginner and a pro can benefit from what I will explain here. First, Let’s have a look at the information you NEED to know before you start gambling.


    Always choose the Legal ones

    Legality and reliability always matter when it comes to gambling and specifically online casino gambling. If you are living in the USA, your main question is: Where can I play? You should know that legal online casinos are in the states that specifically legalized iGaming. So, before signing up with an online casino, confirm it is legal and reliable. For example, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware have legal and live iGaming.


    Casino Games = Games of Chance

    This is not just a random equation. This is a fact. The casino games are called games of chance because the outcomes depend on accidents. The turn of a card, the roll of the dice, and the spin of the roulette wheel are some random events that can determine the outcome.

    You must comprehend and genuinely understand this fact because this is the reason that makes casino games one of the riskiest forms of gambling. REMEMBER, mainly, winning or losing depends on if the luck is on your side or not.


    House is the winner, ALWAYS!

    The bitter fact is that casinos don’t need luck to win because they have a mathematical advantage over you in each game they offer.  This is another reason that makes casino games so risky. Actually, except for the possibility of counting cards in Blackjack, you cannot do anything to put the odds in your favor. Result? The house always has the advantage of winning.


    Losing is not your fate!

    Although I mentioned the house always wins, this doesn’t mean that you are destined to lose every time you play a casino game. Remember, I said casino games are games of chance. This means that the outcomes are not predictable. The unpredictability works against you. You don’t have control over the elements and results of the game. But it also makes it possible to win.

    The luck element of casino games does play a part. If you play a million hands of BlackJack, you would almost surely lose more than half of the hands and lose money at the end. Conversely, if you just play a hundred hands, you absolutely could win more than half of them and win money.


    LUCK is not the only player!

    For sure, luck is the main factor determining your win or lose in a casino game. Also, there might be nothing you can do to overcome the house advantage. But, for sure, some other factors can help you to minimize the house advantages.

    Look for games that offer the lowest house edge. There are some other games like Blackjack where you can learn the strategies and play mathematically correct. This will reduce the advantage of the house in such games. So, learn some tactics and know the cost and benefits before playing in a casino.

    I cannot emphasize more: you should know casino gambling before you spend your money on it. I don’t want you to lose money, but you might lose. Hence, consider casino games as entertainment and gamble on the money you definitely can afford.

    ALERT: Casino games and gambling are very addictive. Take this into consideration when you plan to play.


    Understanding the online casino game odds

    I repeat that every single casino makes money by making a built-in advantage for the house to every game. The house should reach and keep a balance between allowing the gamblers to win gratifying Payouts, and providing the casino with the means to actually make profits. The house edge in many online casino games is lower than 10%. This means the odds of you winning a single, safe bet are usually almost close to 50%(although it is always below 50). For you, this means the longer you play, the less likely you win money. Hence, the more you know your chances of winning, the better gaming choices you make.

    Million-Dollar Tip! The best way to “cheat” the house edge is by minimizing the number of bets you place.


    Fixed-odds games

    Simply put, any game where the odds of winning the bet are 1 in 2 is considered a fixed-odds game. The best example is coin flip! In other words, in such games, the odds remain the same for every play. The classic example of a fixed-odds casino game is roulette. Because no matter where you are playing it, the payout odds of a single number bet must be 35 to 1. Craps usually are fixed-odds too. Because any of the seven wagers should offer payout odds of 4 to 1.

    On the contrary, live poker NEVER has fixed odds because the payout odds differ on every hand.


    What is “Real Money” Gambling?

    Real money gambling is defined as:

    “Anyone who deposits MONEY into an online casino and wagers on any gambling game to win money”

    Keep in mind, you can play all casino games and win prizes. But if you want to win real money, you have to deposit your real money via an approved banking method.


    How do real money online casinos deal with payments?

    When it comes to gambling for real money, the serious question of all players is: “How does the online casinos’ payout system work?” This concept is not difficult to understand, though. Just bear with me and you’ll find out all you need to know about online casino payments.

    Some Basics for understanding Payouts

    Before I tell you how to withdraw your sweet winnings, I have to refresh your mind on some critical basics about casino payouts.

    • Payout Percentage (PP): This represents how much money you can expect to win on average. In other words, it shows the proportion of money you wagered that the gambling provider will pay out to you. The PP is also called the “return to player rate(RTP) If the game provides you with an RTP of 97%, this means that the casino will payout 97% for every $100 you bet. Remember that RTP is calculated over time, and you have to play as many as 10,000 gaming sessions to reach the shown RTP rate.
    • Variance: As I mentioned, the RTP rate works on a long-term basis. On the other hand, the variance works on a short-term basis. It explains how far random results spread from the average payout.

    Variance works well for you in online casino games. But, remember, even if you bet on “certain” results, you can lose. This is why you should bet according to your budget. This can keep you longer in the game.

    • Maximize possible return: To make the most of gameplay at every casino, you should have a look at an RTP rate as I explained above. When you choose a game by chance, make sure to stick to the highest RTP or the lowest house advantage games. This improves your winning chances.


    Withdrawal Explained

    Real money online gambling is safe as long as you approach it carefully. So, remember to register with licensed and regulated online casinos only.

    I cannot give you a definite and best payout option to withdraw from an online casino. But here are the options that different casinos offer:

    • Credit/debit cards
    • Electronic money wallets (E-wallets)
    • Bank wire transfers
    • Mobile banking
    • Prepaid vouchers
    • PayPal
    • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Etherum, etc)
    • eCheque
    • Ecopayz
    • Gigadat
    • Instadebit
    • Interac
    • Mastercard
    • Neteller
    • Paysafecard
    • Skrill
    • Trustly
    • Visa

    NOTE: Remember to check the banking options of your desired casino first, because not all casinos offer all of these options.


    Popular online casino Withdrawal Methods

    The e-wallet is the most popular withdrawal option. The e-wallet is the fastest to withdraw, with under 1 hour of waiting time. Conversely, bank transfers may take up to 3 weeks. But you should know that bank transfer withdrawal limits are extended where electronic wallets allow a smaller amount of money in shorter periods.


    What makes online casinos so long to withdraw?

    The answer is the confirmation period. To allow a withdrawal, the casino must confirm your identity, and this takes a few days. Additionally, the operator needs to check if you meet any potential wagering requirements and preconditions for withdrawal. Lastly, the gambling payment providers might want to take their time to process your request! Also, the withdrawal period really depends on the casino and the banking method you choose. That is why a withdrawal can take from a minute to a couple of weeks.


    Is there a limit for Withdrawals in an online casino?

    Although the process of withdrawal is pretty straightforward, each withdrawal option has some restrictions. Some casinos have daily limits, while others have weekly and monthly limits. It all depends on the casino you are playing in. So check the withdrawal limit terms of the casino. If you don’t find the withdrawal limit in the Banking section, most probably you’ll find it in the terms and conditions section.


    Is it possible that a Withdrawal gets declined?

    Sadly the answer is YES! Mostly, it is due to the casino’s promotional offers and bonuses. If you forget to read the terms and conditions, you may end up getting your withdrawal request rejected. Usually, there are wagering requirements in the terms and conditions section. You MUST be careful about this. Because if you don’t fulfill the wagering requirements, you cannot withdraw even the minimum amount. The wagering requirement tells you how many times you need to wager the bonus sum you won before you can withdraw your winnings.


    What is the MINIMUM and MAXIMUM withdrawal limit?

    Usually, the players only look for the maximum casino payouts and overlook the minimum withdrawal limit. But, minimum withdrawal limits apply at many online casinos. Most of them also require you to make a minimum deposit of anything from $5 to $10. BUT remember that the minimum withdrawal methods for payout options such as check and wire transfer tend to be a lot higher. The minimum withdrawal amount is around $10 to $10. $20 is the average for many online casinos. The casinos set their own minimum withdrawal limits, so remember to check out this information beforehand. So, I recommend you look for the highest minimum payout instead of what most of the players do. In case you want to know which casinos have the fast and high payouts, I give you some names here:

    1 $20 $100,000
    2 $150 $2,500
    3 $50 $5,000
    4 $150 $2,500
    5 $20 $100,000


    Are there any FEES involved?

    Unfortunately, some online casinos will charge you when you want to withdraw your winnings. However, some casinos will charge a withdrawal fee only for a few payout methods.

    Usually, casinos express the withdrawal fees associated with payment methods as a percentage of your withdrawal amount. These fees may also be expressed as a single fixed amount. In this case, no matter how much you want to withdraw, you should pay one fixed fee. In those casinos that charge for withdrawals when using a credit or debit card, you could pay in the range of 2% – 3%. So, if you make a withdrawal of $100 in a casino that charges a 2% withdrawal fee, the total fee would be $2. Those casinos that offer several free withdrawals per month or per week require you to start paying this fee after you reach the maximum of free withdrawals allowed. Be aware that certain card issuers may also charge specific fees.

    Therefore, the best way to avoid withdrawal fees is to read and understand the terms and conditions. Where to find them? Go to the casino’s banking page or payment methods, and select withdrawal. If you are still not sure, just contact them.

    Golden Standard: The best and most established online casinos never charge their customers any deposit or withdrawal fees. KEEP THIS IN MIND when you are choosing an online casino to play!


    PayPal Online Casinos

    PayPal is the most common method of payment we use in our everyday life. You can receive money and withdraw your casino winnings with PayPal. However, there are not too many online casinos that offer PayPal for money withdrawals. They mostly use e-wallets.

    In the end, I would like to give you a list of some PayPal online casinos and teach you how to withdraw using PayPal.


    Top PayPal online casinos in the US

    PayPal Casino Rank Best for
    Bovada 1 Reputation
    Drake Casino 2 Game Portfolio
    Wild Casino 3 User-friendly interface
    Bet Online 4 Customer support
    Miami Club 5 Promotions


    Steps to withdraw money from PayPal online casino

    Follow the following steps to withdraw easily from a US PayPal casino:

    • Log in to your PayPal accepted casino USA.
    • Go to the cashier section.
    • Type the amount you want to withdraw
    • Tap confirm button.
    • verify your identity (if applicable).

    NOTE 1: PayPal withdrawals take up to 24 hours.

    Note 2: ALWAYS read the terms and conditions of your casino because each casino has its unique PayPal policy.

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