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A Complete Guide On How To Bet On Horse Racing

A Complete Guide On How To Bet On Horse Racing

A Complete Guide On How To Bet On Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest and ancient gambling activities that has ever been recorded by historians. When we look deep at this sport, we see in all parts of the world; gamblers were active in this exciting wagering; however, since this type of gambling was so common, we can not be sure where this game’s exact birthplace was. The horse racing contest was so popular in those times that it found its way to ancient myths or legends, and even gods were involved in these stories. Norse methodology indicates that the king of gods, Odin, was challenged by Hrungnir in a horse racing contest in which Odin defeated his rival and took his horse as a souvenir of his victory.

This wagering is crucial that even religions such as Islam consider it legal, although other types of gambling are illegal in Islam.

Today horse racing is not like the old days; billions of dollars are turning around in this sport. Influential celebrities invest in horses, train them, and sell them to the highest bidder, indicating how important this gambling is.
There were days that gamblers had to go to the track to place their bet on horses; however, online gambling made it easy for us. Now we can stay at our own house, see the statistics of each horse and start betting on them. This article will discuss online horse racing and help you develop a new strategy for this gambling.


All Types Of Horse Racing

A Complete Guide On How To Bet On Horse Racing
In all horse racing, two essential factors should be considered; horses and the horse riders (jockeys). Before starting to talk about horse racing, it is better to know how many horses we have in these contests:

• Fillies: one the youngest horses in the race, these are female horses less than 4 years old

• Colts: Males are categorized into two groups, castrated and uncastrated. Colts are uncastrated males less than 4 years old

• Geldings: we call castrated Colts Geldings

• Mares: female horses which are older than five years

• Horses: uncastrated males that are more than 5 years old


Now that you are familiar with horses, it is better to know about horse contests held on the track. Sportsbook put some limits on horses and jockeys; To make this betting more exciting. they have categorized horses based on some particular elements. Now we will look at all these categories;

Maiden Races. If there are some new novice horses or horses that never won a single match, they will be put on this category, and they will compete with each other,

Claiming Races. The most widespread horse racing category worldwide is Claiming race; in this contest, the horses that will be sold will be placed within this category, and they will start the match. The horses participating in this contest are called Claimer; horses with the same price will be grouped in the same category.

Stakes races, or as many call it graded stakes race, is a thoroughbred horse racing in the US that the horses are categorized by the American Graded Stakes Committee criteria. The horses in the contest will be listed in 3 grades (I, II, III), their status will be valued based on their last years’ performances. Statistics will value horses’ performances, and the best horses will be grouped together.

Handicap races are one of the rarest horse racing categories; on this race, horses will be categorized based on few unique conditions. Horses’ success in the previous matches will determine how much weight they can carry with themselves, which means successful horses should have more weight than their rivals.

Allowance races are a horse race somehow similar to the Handicap race; however, the horses are chosen by the Racing Secretary based on the amount of money they have won at previous games


Online horse racing: Tips

Smartest bet in horse racing

One of the best things about horse racing is that you have so many options to bet on, and you don’t have to stick with only one wager. But to decide which bet is the best one is a pretty tricky task to accomplish. Before speaking about the best bets on this game, let’s see how many categories we have.

• Straight wagers

• Exotic wagers


Straight wagers

In this old and traditional betting option, the wagerer should choose one horse and one specific result. In these bets, the gambler should choose;

• Win

• Place

• Show


Statistically, this bet is the best wager that a gambler can have; the reason is that when we bet on one horse with one outcome, we have a better chance of winning compared to betting on two options.


Exotic wagers

Besides Straight bets on horse racing when you are wagering on online websites, you have other options that may increase your winning chances;

Exacta: when we play on the track, we can only bet on one horse to finish first, but on online betting, we have the option of betting on two horses at one race! In this type, the first and the second horse should be chosen in the correct order.

Quinella: the same as the Exacta; however, we don’t need to indicate the correct order in this type.
Trifecta: one of the most challenging options, in this type, you have to guess the first three horses in the proper order.


How to bet on horse racing online

Even though the traditional horse betting system is still active and popular worldwide, online horse racing is gaining popularity all over the world quickly. Online horse racing started in 2001, but soon it was banned by some countries. In 2006 US lawmakers made horse racing an exemption from the anti-gambling act, and now wagerer can bet on horses without going to the track. But why one should neglect the great environment of the track and start betting from home. The first reason I can mention is the convenience of online betting, and now we look at other reasons.

• Easy betting

• Better odds

• Different betting options

• Having bonuses

• Different payment methods


If you want to start online horse racing, the very first thing you should do is choosing a reliable website; nearly 10000 online horse racing exist worldwide. Selecting the best website will have a lot of advantages, first websites offer different bonuses. Second is the odds; if you have better odds, the money you will win will be higher. So we recommend you choose the best possible website.

Now that you have chosen your desired website, it is time to register on the website. You choose a username for yourself, and by using an email address, you create an account on the website.

When the player registration is finished, it is time to deposit money on the website. Since online horse racing services provide different payment methods, you must find the most suitable one based on the country you are living in.

Now that you have charged your account, it is time to choose the race you want to bet on and start your online wagering.


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