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    best live betting prediction sites

    Today, with the growth of online gambling websites, many of them also offer live betting options. In-game or live betting is a modern betting option that allows gamblers to bet after the start of the game. In-game betting is a hazardous activity, and to become successful in this activity, you need two crucial elements; a good website and a lot of expertise. We always recommend to all our followers in order to have the best outcome from betting; you have to update your knowledge. We decided to help you in this process; we compared the best live sport betting websites and compared their advantages and disadvantages. But first, let’s see which sports are involved in live betting and what elements should be considered before starting to bet.

    Live or in-game bet is somehow different from traditional bets and only covers a handful of sports. These sport are the most exciting sports and involve updated tips and odds. The most important sports that gambling websites cover are soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis and hockey.


    What is live betting?

    I remember if I wanted to bet on a game, I had to stand in a very long line and wait for my turn to bet, and in some cases, I couldn’t even bet because the game was started. Thanks to online betting websites, we can now stay at our home and bet before the game and update our bets before a specific time after the game. Live betting is a newly introduced betting option that allows gamblers to bet when the game is still in progress; in short live bet is betting on sports events even after the game has started.

    While in some countries betting closes after the start of the game in the US and some European countries, gamblers are also allowed to wager after the game on the online websites. When a game is progressing, and we are watching them from the live stream of the betting websites, we can see new odds at every minute of the game. Sportsbook gambling websites based on the game’s events at each minute of the match propose new betting tips; based on the website, these tips are different. For example, in a football match, if the game progresses 0-0 in the 80th minute, the website may tip that one side will score in the next 5 minutes, and based on the past and present events, you have to make quick calculations and accept or deny the bet.


    What are the advantages of live betting?

    If you are new to live betting, Knowing the advantages of this kind of gambling is beneficial. In-game betting has changed the traditional ways of betting; this type of betting has many benefits that, in current years, more than 80% of sportsbook gamblers lean towards it. One of the essential factors that makes it the first choice for gamblers is changing the odds in every minute of the game. But besides that, there are numerous reasons why we should choose this option, and below we tell you why:

    • Make reasonable decisions based on the real-time events
    • Winning real money even before the end of the match
    • Providing special live bonuses to gamblers
    • No need for pre-game decisions
    • Avoiding wrong decisions
    • Betting with cellphones


    What are the disadvantageous of live betting

    Since this type of wagering was not available for a long time, encountering some problems are expected. One of the most critical issues that we face is the legalization of it. For US citizens, gambling in Live Bets is not a problem, and all the 50 states can be active without any concerns, but if you are going to bet on this sportsbook wagering, we propose you check the local laws first.

    The other disadvantage of in-game betting is that gamblers have no time to place a strategy and decide what to do when they are watching the game. Before betting on odds, most gamblers do some research and decide based on the facts, but doing research won’t be helpful when watching the game. You have to decide in seconds; you should always have some strategies on your mind.

    • You have to be Quick
    • Coverage Delay
    • You need Dedication


    Why we should choose the best website

    Sports events are one of the most exciting parts of gambling; however, when we speak about Live Betting, there are some pitfalls too. This market is growing so fast that even experts cannot follow the game. Wagers active in this business for so many long decades at Live Betting would have some critical problems. The first matter is they can’t decide which website has the best odds. The second is deciding in less than 30 seconds needs special analytic powers, and you should know the game very well. To eliminate one of the most critical problems, we decided to introduce you the best available websites that help you enjoy the most out of the game and win big.


    The best online websites for Live Bet

    Numerous websites provide in-game betting, but the real question that you should ask yourself is which one is the most beneficial one for you. Before choosing your option, we highly recommend making the list of the best available websites. Two crucial factors that can help you succeed in this gamble are the legitimacy of the website and payment methods they use; below, we will discuss all the criteria that a Live Bet website should have to be chosen by gamblers.



    Betonline is one of the websites that most US gamblers are familiar with, and based on the Reddit website; it is one of the most legit websites in the world. is in the business of gambling and casino games since 2004, and it is famous because of its payment methods and speed of services. One of the most significant factors that makes this website different from other competitors is the odds they provide to gamblers.

    Betonline has always been recognized for its great payment methods; accepting all Credit Cards, live wire, and person to person is only a tiny sample of their payment services. Over the years, they have updated how they can accept and pay money. It was in late 2015 that Betonline become the first gambling website that takes Cryptocurrency, and as the website claims, it is one of the ways that they can show their respect to their customers

    • Great payment methods
    • Covering most of the sport events
    • Providing many bonuses to its users
    • High security
    • Being legal in the US
    • provide services to all cellphone users


    BetOnline Casino Review


    888 Sport

    888 sport is considered one of the oldest gambling services, and it was one of the first companies that offered in-game betting options. The sportsbook of this legit website was established in 2008, and ever since then, it became of the pioneers of online gambling services. This website started its activity in Gibraltar but is licensed under the UK Gambling Commission.

    888 accepts gamblers from 200 countries and supports nearly seven languages. If you are concerned with the legitimacy of this website, suffice to say that it is still active in most European countries, and in 2013 it won the best online EGR Operator award.

    Unlike many other competitors, this website offers incredible promotions per deposit. If you are concerned about the payment of your money, it is good to say that they provide “money-back guaranteed.”

    • Award-winning website
    • All kinds of payment methods
    • Accepted in over 200 countries
    • Support 7 languages


    Bet Us

    If you have watched soccer events in Britain, you might be familiar with Bet us. This website started its sportsbook activity 25 years ago, and from the very first years, it became a great service provider to all the customers. One of the most significant advantages of Bet Us is soccer coverage that it is nonetheless one of the best in the market. But this is not the only game that they cover, you can experience Live Bet from NFL to NASCAR, and the odds they provide are extraordinary.

    • Providing great promotions
    • Covering lots of games and matches
    • Offering best odds
    • Providing unique services to its old and new players
    • Customize bonuses



    Do you want to see a website specialized in Live Bet? We recommend BetMGM; this is one of the world’s best user-friendly sportsbooks and live bet websites. BetMGM offers services based on the state you live in, and its game covering is breathtaking. Not only do they provide great promotions but also they offer lots of winning offers such as Gear and Mugs. If you want to see a legal and legit website in the USA that covers the best betting games, we offer to visit BetMGM.

    • Sending gifts to its loyal customers
    • Providing customized services based on the state you are in
    • Great promotions
    • Easy registration
    • Specialized in sportsbooks


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