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  • Casino Games that Have the Best Odds to Win

    Have you ever calculated in your mind which game has a higher advantage to play on online platforms? Usually, we play casino games based on our expertise; however, there are some professional players that bet based on the statistics. They see which games have a lower house edge then start betting on them. Here we aim to discuss the house edge with all its details then tell you which games are more beneficial to play and bet on.


    What is house edge?

    What is house edge?

    Since we are going to discuss the game with a higher percentage of winning, it is better to discuss the most crucial question in the game. What is “house edge”? You might have heard that “casino always wins”, this statement refers to the house edge. To define this term simply, we should say the House Edge is the average percentage of profit an online casino has at the end of the game.

    Many novice gamblers interpret house edge as a cheating process of a house; however, it is not the case at all; in games such as roulette or slots, an operator is known as RNG (random number generators) is involved in order to randomize the game. This means if you are playing on a roulette table and seven spins in a row the ball lands on black compartments, this is all by chance, and the house has no interference.

    The house edge varies from one game to another, and other factors like players’ strategies and how they can bet can also impact these probabilities. However, no matter which system the player sets, he can not have a better chance of winning than the casino. For example, the house edge in roulette is 5.26%; if a player uses a great strategy, this percent can be reduced to 2.70%; however, there is no chance to make it 0%.


    Top 9 Casino Games with Great Odds of Winning

    If someone wants to teach gambling to other people, I believe the first that should be thought is the odds of winning. Every game has different odds, and if a player doesn’t know about these, winning can be pretty challenging. We have good news for you games on online casinos have higher winning probability than land-based casinos. Here we are going to discuss which games have a higher winning chances;




    House edge from 0.5%

    21 or Blackjack, without a doubt, is one of the most well-known classic games of all casinos that combines skill with luck. If you play classic Blackjack on online casinos, the winning probability is pretty much the same as land-based blackjacks. Compared to all casino games, Blackjack has the highest winning probability; in standard hands, Blackjack pays 1:1; however if the player is lucky enough and has 21, the payment would be 3:2. Some stories about card counting indicates that blackjack playing strategies may lower the house edge.


    How To Play Blackjack Online For Beginners



    House Edge from 0.33%

    Now that we have spoken about Blackjack, it is time to mention one of the best and rewarding derivates called Pontoon. If you have played this game, then you might be familiar with its rules, and you know that it has better winning chances. The house edge would vary from 0.34% to 0.62%, depending on the strategy that you are using.




    House edge from 1.05%

    As it is called in eastern countries eight and nine is also one of the oldest casino games and the first choice of James bond in his first edition movies. Unlike Blackjack in this game, a player’s skill has no effect on the game’s outcome, and it is solely a game of luck. If the player bets on Banker’s hand, the house edge would be 1.06%; however, this percentage would be 1.24% when he bet on the player’s hand. The house edge would be much more than this on some online casinos, so choose the website carefully.


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    House edge from 1.35%

    If you have entered the casino once, then you would be aware of roullete importance. Roullete divides into three distinct versions, including American, European, and French roulette, and each of them has its own house edge;


    How to play Roulette online


    French Roulette

    the house edge is 1.35%

    If you ask any roulette player which derivation they would like to play they would definitely choose French. The reason behind its low house edge is two important rules; la partage, and en prison. In la partage, if the ball sits on the green in case the player bet on the even number, the house would pay half of the bet to the player. In the second special rule known as la partage when the ball lands on green, then your bet will move to the next spin.


    European Roulette

    the house edge is 2.7%

    Another single zero roulette table is the European table; in this version, the house edge is twice as low as the American version, and the reason is that in European Roulette there is only one zeros however we have two zeros (green compartments) in the game.


    American Roulette

    the house edge is 5.26%

    All the roulette versions have 37 compartments except the American roulette that has 38. That is why the house edge in this version is higher than any other derivates. The last compartment in the game is the second zero (00), which lowers the player’s chances.


    Poker – Ultimate Texas Hold’Em


    House edge from 1.18%

    Don’t confuse Ultimate Texas Hold’Em with the real Texas hold’em! This game is played against the house, not other players. The house edge on this type of poker is between 1% and 2%, which varies where you decide to play.


    How do you play Texas Hold’em step by step?


    Video Poker

    House Edge is 0.46%

    One of the variants of poker that you wouldn’t play with any other player, and this is no different whether you are playing online or land-based Video Poker. Since we have many types of Video Poker, we recommend you find a good website and start betting on it if you want a better house edge.



    Craps Table

    House edge from 0.8%

    When we read some of the reviews about craps, we may think that the players have a very low edge; however, it is not the case at all. With the growth of online Craps, there are lots of new derivates which increase players’ chances. While in classic version of Craps, the house edge was more than 1, now this probability is as low as 0.8%.


    How to play Craps For Beginners


    Slot Machine

    real money apps Slot Machine Game

    House edge from 4-8%

    There are two points about this game; first, slots are the easiest game to play on casinos; and second, it is the most played game in casinos. If you want to play this game on online casinos, first be sure that the house edge on their slots is very low. As Slots have more than 500 derivations and faces, we recommend choosing the best available ones.


    Slot Machine Game




    House edge from 16%

    Keno is a lottery or chance-based game that somehow is like bingo. While the house edge is 16% or even 17% on land-based casino games, this probability can even increase to 30% on online versions.


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