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FanDuel Online Sportsbook Review

FanDuel Online Sportsbook Review

FanDuel Online Sportsbook Review

Fanduel Sportsbook is one of the fast-growing online sport gambling services that started its activity on Sept. 1, 2018, in New Jersey. After reaching its peak of success in New Jersey, it tried to cover Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan, and Arizona in 2021. When you first enter the website, the website offers you to choose Fantasy Sport or Sports Betting; if you select Sportsbook, then all the states covered by the website will be shown to you.

It doesn’t make any difference any sports including what type of sports you are really into; if you choose FanDuel, then you can enjoy betting on football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Our experts on gambling websites dedicated most of their time to evaluate FanDuel Sportsbook and help you decide whether to start betting on it or not, so if you love to read more about this website, follow us to the end.

To tell the truth, when we all review a newly developed sportsbook, we cannot expect much; however, in the case of FanDuel, we are facing a different situation. during our first analysis, FanDuel shocked all our experts; having a user-friendly environment combined with their vast services not only surpassed our expectations but also changed our pre-assumptions over brand new online betting websites as well.

Newly established sportsbooks usually lack many aspects; they don’t have proper customer services, problems with payment methods, and more importantly, they are not reliable at all. However, when we look at FanDuel, we see that a well-organized team is behind its development. Now it is better to know why we should select FanDuel over other competitors:

  • One of the best newly established Sportsbook
  • Different types of betting types
  • Using different payment methods
  • Supporting PayPal
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal options
  • It only covers sportsbooks, not other betting options


Sports You Can Bet On

FanDuel Online Sportsbook Review

One of the elements that determine whether a Sportsbook is doing a great job is the amount of sports activity covered by the website. FanDuel did an excellent job in this sector, and it almost covers all the sports in the US; let’s take a look at all the sports covered by the website:

  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Auto Racing
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Football


Above, you can see all the sports covered by the website; if you are one of those gamblers who are into betting on American sports, then FanDuel is a great option for you. However, if you want to bet on European basketball, FanDuel is not what you are looking for. When it comes to soccer, all major leagues like EPL, Next, MLS, UEFA, Spain, UK, Italy, Mexico, France, Germany, Portugal, and Dutch are covered by the website. our analyzers evaluated most of the websites and came to the conclusion that FanDuel’s soccer league list is one of the most impressive lists in the online gambling world.


Betting options on FanDuel

The other element that shows whether a Sportsbook is doing an excellent job or not is the betting options available on the website. For example, when we speak about soccer betting, there are Spread bet, Moneyline bet, To score first and win, however, we can rarely find a website that offers all the options, but FanDuel covers most of these options. Below you can find all the betting options of FanDuel;

  • Spread bet
  • Moneyline bet
  • Total score bet
  • Winning margin (4-way)
  • Match/total points double 1, 2
  • Alternate Spread
  • Alternate total
  • Away team total points
  • Home team total points
  • Double result
  • Winning margin
  • Winning margin (5-point bands)
  • Winning margin (10-point bands)
  • 1st half winner
  • First-half spread
  • 1st quarter winner
  • 1st quarter spread
  • 1st quarter total
  • Line/total points double
  • Match/total points double 1
  • First touchdown scorer
  • Anytime touchdown scorer
  • Spread betting (Includes draw)
  • Tri-bet
  • Tri-bet 2
  • Team to score first
  • Race to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30
  • Longest successful field goal
  • Total points odd/even
  • Total field goals second half
  • Total touchdowns second half
  • Line/ total points double 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • 1st turnover will be
  • Team to have 1st field goal
  • To score first and win
  • To score first and lose
  • Buy/Sell Points
  • Individual player props


Deposit Methods

If it were possible to give six stars to one category, we would definitely choose FanDuel’s banking section. Not only you can find different payment methods on this website (something we can rarely find on online betting websites), but also they took one more step and created a platform by which players can deposit money as easy as possible. Now we are going to discuss in detail what your depositing options are on FanDuel;


Credit/Debit Card

If you want to use this method, be aware that your bank supports depositing money via this method. Seven banks will block any transaction via this method;

  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Wells Fargo
  • TD Bank
  • Union Bank
  • Huntington Bank
  • Most prepaid cards

If your bank is one of the banks mentioned above, we strongly recommend using PayPal to deposit your money.


FanDuel Prepaid Card

One of the services only provided by FanDuel is accepting Prepaid Cards. With this method, you will deposit and withdraw your money without charging any fees. If you have one of these unique cards, you are able to deposit money with only a few steps. These cards are usable in any ATMs, and you can also charge them with your Mastercard.



If you want to use PayPal to deposit money on FanDuel, make sure that your PayPal account is linked to your bank account first. When you use PayPal to deposit money, your FanDuel account will be charged in less than a minute.


Online Bank Transfer

If you have any problem with the above-mentioned methods, this is the measure of last resort for you. Since this method is not very common, only a few banks provide it to customers. Do not use this method unless you are working with one of the following banks;

  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Wells Fargo
  • TD Bank
  • Union Bank
  • Huntington Bank
  • Most prepaid cards



If you don’t want to go to the bank and don’t want to deposit via the internet, we recommend you go to the first 7-Eleven, CVS or Family Dollar. You only need to copy the barcode from the FanDuel deposits page then pay the amount to one of these places in cash. Your deposit will be in your FanDuel account by the time you have arrived your house.


How is FanDuel sportsbook payout?

One of the advantages of betting on FanDuel is the withdrawal options. You can hardly find a brand new website that lets players withdraw money easily; however, this is not true about FanDuel. Before speaking about other positive points of FanDuel, let’s take a look at all the withdrawal methods of the website.


ACH (echeck)

One of the traditional methods of withdrawing money from any website in the USA is ACH. If you are a customer of a Brick and Mortar bank, then you can count on this option. In this withdrawal option, you can contact the website, and within 24 hours, your payment will be processed. After processing your activity, within 3-5 business days, the money will be available in your bank account. The only thing that you should pay attention to is that you can not use this option with credit unions, prepaid cards, PayPal accounts or other similar options,.



If you want to use a safe and easy way to withdraw money, we offer check services to you. The only disadvantage of using this payment method is that you have to wait 5-7 business days to receive the check. Before asking for a check, be aware that you have entered the correct address, then submit your request.


FanDuel Pre-Paid Card

One of the exclusive methods on the FanDuel website is its own prepaid cards. These cards are just like debit cards directly connected to your FanDuel account, and you can use them to withdraw your winnings within 24-36 hours. Once you have your money on these cards, you can either use them to redeposit money on the website or visit an ATM near you and cash out your balance.



A well-established e-payment system that we can rarely see on betting websites. if you use this payment method, it will take 24-48 hours to receive money from the website.


Is FanDuel sportsbook legit?

Even though it has not been a long time that FanDuel started its betting activity, it has found its place among the best legal Sportsbook in the United States. FanDuel has provided all the industry-standard services to all its customers, and besides that, its cellphone and PC apps are one the reasons that make it one of the most fabulous websites in business. If you want to know about the website’s legitimacy, suffice to say that in 2021 FanDuel was awarded “EGR North America Virtual Awards: Operator of the Year,” which shows the firm foundation of the website.


FanDuel reviews on Reddit

When you read comments and feedbacks of FanDuel on Reddit, you realize why they call it the most legit website in the business. When one of the users complained about the services provided by the website, the FanDuel customer service supervisor pursued the matter and solved the issue in less than 24 hours. All the comments about FanDuel circle around its outstanding customer service, which is unique in this business.


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