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    The Best Websites That Provide Live Blackjack 

    With the emergence of online casino games, the importance of Blackjack once again appeared, and many people preferred this online game over other entertainments. One of the worst parts of online casinos is that users cannot feel playing with a real person. They always consider that there is a computer in front of them and they are playing against a machine. Online casinos to have advantage points innovated new services to eliminate this negative point and introduced Live Casino Games. Now you can play casino games with an online live dealer or a player.

    After few initial experiments over these live tables, online casinos mostly received positive feedback, so they decided to develop their Live Tables. So, as a result of this currently, we can find more than 15,000 online casinos; however, having lots of choices and service providers makes picking the best ones a really big challenge that players face. For the first trial of the Live casinos, two games were chosen, Poker and Blackjack.

    Since Blackjack was played against the house, having a live dealer made gamblers more comfortable, and players chose this game over poker. But why is Live Blackjack growing so fast? Why is it becoming the leading online entertainment in casino games? This article will debate the advantages of some online casinos over their competitors and help you choose the most suitable website.


    Why should we choose Live Blackjack?

    One of the serious complaints of casino players is the lack of interactions between players and dealers. People want to have an authentic experience of the casino from their homes. When you are playing from the computer and see an animated person, this interaction would be less than we imagine. So to reduce this negative effect, we would rather play live casino games, but this is not the only reason; over the years, many players experience fraud on online casinos, and as a result, the trust level between the casino and the player was diminished.

    So to develop a better relationship between two parties, casinos created a new section and called it the live casino. Today player sits behind a table, and a live dealer draws cards and gives each player their cards. At this point, since players can see the hands of their dealer and, in some cases, speak with them, a specific relationship establishes between two sides. From now on, the player believes that he is facing a real person and knows everything is accurate. So players choose Live Blackjack because;

    • There is a live interaction between the dealer and the player
    • The player can see the hands of the dealer
    • Casinos are more authenticated


    When did Blackjack start?

    So many gamblers and players know how to play Blackjack, but not all know how this game started; where was its birthplace? There are many rumors about how this game started; many Spanish Gypsies related it to their traditions, while French citizens believe it was rooted in their old pontoon game. The first written text about the origin of Blackjack dates back to 16th-century novels and poems. If you are familiar with Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, you should know that the first written paragraph about Blackjack was in his book Novelas Ejemplares. In this novel, the protagonist was a gambler who was addicted to playing a game called 21. The rule of this game was really simple; players should have cards that the sum of the numbers be as close as possible to number 21, and the player could count Aces as one or 11. This game was played with a Spanish Baraja deck.

    But Blackjack was first surfaced as an official game in the 17th century during the war between Britain and France. In those times, soldiers to entertain themselves played a game similar to modern Blackjack; French soldiers used a set of 52 cards and drew each player two cards, and the one who was closer to 21 was the winner. In 1800 Britain set the first international rule of 21 and introduced the game to its royal Casinos.

    At the beginning of the 19th century, this game started its journey in the United States. The first rule in the United States 21 was the exact copy of the British version. But 21’s rules changed over time in the US, and in the first year of the 20th century, it was named Blackjack. After all the significant events, the most crucial event that influenced this game was the appearance of Online Casinos. Before online casinos, there was only one Blackjack, and wherever you go, you could play it. However, today on online casinos, we have nearly three distinct Blackjack variants. Before looking at these variants, let’s look at how we should play this game and know the essential rules.


    What is Blackjack? 

    Blackjack is a card game that is played by two sides, the player and the dealer. In this game, the dealer has to play with 1 to 6 players and based on the number of players he is facing, they can use 1 to 8 sets of the deck. The round starts with players’ bet; if a gambler wants to play the game at first, he should place the Min amount of the bet. Each table has a Min and Max amount for betting. Players that sit at Blackjack should decide how much they want to bet at each round. The dealer has to draw cards from his left-side player; then, it draws in clockwise. Players at first will have one card; then, the last round card will go to the dealer.

    The dealer has to show his first card and places it face up, then the second round starts. Each player will get another card, and the dealer will have the last card. This time, the dealer’s second card would be face down or, as we call it in casinos, a hole card.

    Now that all players have two cards; if the dealer’s hand is 21, he must show both his cards. But if the dealer doesn’t have 21, it is the player’s turn to ask for a new card (Hit) or stand at his cards. If the player has a good hand  (as close as to 21), he would stand on his hand and wait for other players and the dealer to decide their next move. Players with low-value cards can ask up to 5 cards, but they lose the game when they get busted (going over 21). But how do we value cards? When do we get busted in the game? The cards with numbers have the same value as written on the cards, except for Aces. There is one extraordinary case with Ace; we can count this card in two ways.

    Either we can count the ace as 11 or one; this option depends on your hand. As you might know, each suite of cards has 3 faces, these faces count as 10. So now that all players and the dealer have two cards, when they should hit and when they should stand? Let’s explain it in a game;


    Please look at the hands above; the first player has a ten and king, which means he has 20 in his hand; unless the dealer has 21, he will not lose the game. The best strategy for him is to stand and wait for the dealer’s next move. The player B has a Queen and a 7 in his hand, the total count, would be 17; at Blackjack, 17 is considered a risky hand; players neither can hit nor can stand. If he hits, it would have more than an 86% chance of getting busted; in theory, he has a low winning hand, but he can still win.

    The player C has a very tricky hand; he has two 8, the total number is 16, which means he has to have a lower than 6 to win. Based on the statistics, the player has a 67% chance of having a higher number than 6. If I were him, I would have hit and wait. In 3 cases, we tried to show you how the game is played; now it is the time to show you where to play.


    The best Online Live Blackjack Websites


    One of the oldest online casinos in business is 888; they have started their activities in 1997. This website is now considered one of the most legit online blackjack games providers; providing special bonuses and combining each of these bonuses with their great payment methods makes 888 one the best live Casino websites. 888 poker’s main competitive advantage over the other online casinos is its long history of doing business on online casinos. United States citizens can log into their account and play live Blackjack without being worried about legal issues. Another point that differentiates this casino from other competitors is the amount of available live tables. At least 15 live tables are available for players, and they can choose based on their budget.

    • Accepting all kinds of payment methods
    • 24/7 support
    • Dedicating a specific website to its casino
    • Providing at least 15 tables for live Blackjack game
    • Have the best minimum and maximum tables
    • Paying in less than three business days



    when we speak about online casinos, we should first count the best features, but Betonline doesn’t need any introductions; its name can describe it in the best possible way. In 2001, one of the greatest ever online gambling websites has started its activity and ever since then, it has become one of the best service providers in the market. Besides various online games provided by this website, the innovations that Betonline has carried out distinguishes it from any other active competitors. In Live Blackjack, Betonline was one of the first websites that provided special promotions and dedicated bonuses to gamblers that lose money. Although many believe that bonuses are for winners Betonline team has another approach. To maintain their users activity, they have to dedicate some special promotions for those who play Live games and lose; Since Blackjack is the most exciting Live game, so they have special offers just for them.

    • Special bonuses for online casino players
    • Innovating new features on Live casinos
    • Different types of payment methods
    • Offering new tables every day



    Wildcasino is one of the subsidiaries of Betonline and was established in 2018 in Panama. Wildcasino dedicated most of its resources to develop its live casino games from the first day of its work. Now, many gamblers consider this casino as one of the most reliable Live Blackjack websites. On WildCasino, players can enjoy playing close to 5 different derivates of Blackjack. One of the surprises of this online casino is introducing new Blackjack called Baltic Live Blackjack, which is unique to most Casino users.

    • Introducing new games
    • Developing its Online features
    • Cooperating with Betonline
    • Great Bonuses
    • Available to all US citizens



    Superslots is considered the sister of Wildcasino and is another website that acts under the direct supervision of Betonline. Superslots started its activity solely as a Live casino and then added some derivates of gambling. Superslot started its activity in 2020, but it has performed more than excepted for a young online casino game. After the beginning of 2021 and widening their activity, Superslots devoted a special section to its Live Blackjack tables. Now it is one of the best Live Blackjack websites in the world.

    • Providing the best online Blackjack tables
    • Devoting special section to Blackjack
    • Paying the best bonuses to Blackjack players
    • 24/7 online support



    If you want to have a different experience than the websites mentioned above, we offer you to take a look at Betway. Since most online casinos work without significant certificates, Betway is licensed by many critical gambling services such as Responsible Gambling Trust. The largest-ever jackpot payout in an online game has been recorded on Betway, and Guinness World Record confirmed the case. In October 2014, Betway paid exactly €17,879,645 to only one player in a slot bet which shows the reliability of the website. This online casino mainly uses traditional methods, which unfortunately lack innovations on Live Blackjack tables. Still, when we look at its Min and Max amount, we can see that they have a lot of flexibility in this matter.

    • Still maintaining its traditional environments
    • Famous for its large payments
    • Under the license of different associations
    • Works with London gambling committee
    • Sponsoring many international gambling tournaments


    What is the score of live Blackjack on Reddit?

    Nowadays, Reddit is considered one of the most trustworthy websites that reflect all users’ opinions about different subjects. When searching Live Blackjack, we see mostly positive feedback about users’ experience; hence, some websites didn’t provide the best service, but still, the overall view is more than 90% positive. Based on more than 200 recommended websites, we have listed the websites mentioned above as the most authenticated and trustworthy online casinos all over the globe. Each of these websites has one advantage over the others, and we tried to list all of them for you. We hope this will help you have a better experience playing this game.


    How to play Blackjack

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