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  • Baccarat Online Game; the Easiest Online Casino Game

    Have you just begun gambling at online casinos, and are you looking for the best and the most comfortable online casino game? Then you surely should go for a baccarat game.

    The game has been popular for so many years now, and people have played it a lot in casinos. Its popularity is what led this card game to be a vital part of online casinos.

    You can find it on many online casino sites as PlayNowPro and many others.  

    Baccarat Game

    Many experts have said that it is equal parts luck and skill to put the baccarat game into simpler words. Is that so?

    The best way to figure it is by playing the game and for that, let us look at the baccarat’s strategy, rules, and some online options for this game.

    What Is Baccarat Game?

    Baccarat is an eminent card game played at most casinos worldwide. Also, this game traces its history back to gambling, but now it is nothing like gambling. It involves two hands, one is the player, and another one is the banker. The player wins, the banker wins, or there is a tie. Each player has cards around two or three, and the one with the closest score to 9 wins. People also play it online, and its online popularity in casinos has increased in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. So, once you master this game, you will surely get hooked to it.

    In online casinos, it is played with real money as well as fake money. Many sites allow the players to play baccarat game free online with counterfeit money to understand the game, and then players move to the professional online casinos. 

    A Quick History Of Casino Games

    Baccarat is one of the ancient casino games, which started as gambling in the middle ages and then it came as an individual game in the 19th century. It has its origins solely in France and Italy. It has been bound to Europe for many years, but slowly it made its way to Asia and the US.  

    After the 1950s, Punto Banco gained its popularity in the casinos. The leading cause for its fame was that it had a lesser chance of bluff, and people could quickly learn to play it. 

    How To Play Free Baccarat And Win

    It is a straightforward game to play. You can win at it if you know the baccarat strategy and the basic rules. You can play many free to learn game rules. Read on to know the step-by-step detail on how to play baccarat and win at it. These rules are for the standard baccarat, which applies to any variant with a few deviations.

    1. There are many games and baccarat casinos. At first, select the baccarat game you want to play. Make sure to choose the best site to play. 
    2. If you are playing with real money, be careful about who you want to bet against. You can bet against the bank or player. This will determine at which hand you think you will win.
    3. Secondly, if you play a baccarat game free, both the player and banker get two cards face-up. If the game is with real money, you will get three cards. The third card drops depending on the hand total. 
    4. If you have got a card from zero to five, you will get another card.
    5. If you have a card with 6 or 7, you will not get another card.
    6. Finally, if you have got a card of 8 or 9, you win. It is that simple.
    7. If you are wondering about how you will get a zero hand value, then it will be when the total is ten on the face cards because they don’t have any value. The easiest thing to play baccarat and win is that the hand total should be the highest. i.e., 8 or 9. 

    The Best Baccarat Strategy

    No matter if you are playing live baccarat at a baccarat table or online game, you need to have some strategies that will help win the game. Players have made many strategies for the game by playing it over the years. Try these and know which baccarat strategy works best for you.

    The Best Baccarat Strategy


    This baccarat strategy is the most tried and tested one. It helps in increasing the wager. Start with betting $1. If you win, then move to $3 and then to $2 and $4. After that, go back to $1 and so on. This is not a surety that you will always win, but you will see the profit as you progress with the game.


    Paroli betting should be done on the best site for the baccarat game because you increase your betting money each time you play but don’t take it too far. So the best for this strategy is 1-2-4 and then back to 1. 


    Consistent baccarat players often choose this baccarat strategy. This strategy is that you consistently choose to bet against the same person, whether it is the player or the banker. If you lose three times straight with this, you can change your choice and bet, but it is more likely that you will have more chances of winning. When playing with this strategy, make a mind before on how much you will bet and how much you will win. 

    How To Find The Best Casino For Baccarat Game Online?

    There have been many baccarat casinos these days, and due to this, it has become easier to get fooled by fake casinos. So, when playing online, one has to be sure that the site you are playing at is credible enough for you to play. There are many sites like PlayNowPro, which has become popular in 2021 due to its fantastic casino games.

    Casino For Baccarat Game Online

    Here are some tips for you to determine which the best casino for the baccarat is.

    • The first thing when playing with real money is to look for safety. The casino site should be fully encrypted and licensed because you cannot risk your money to any site that is not authentic. 
    • Good casinos are the ones that offer an optimum amount of bonuses to the players. Even the ones claiming too many prizes are lesser authentic.
    • A good casino site is one that has a variety of games. They can be table games, dealers, slot games, and other casino games. All of them are usually compatible with different software, and the casino is allied with them.
    • In 2021 people are on the go, and they want more comfortable options. The casino sites that are good and authentic have a well-built mobile interface. It allows playing all the casino games on the phone.
    • Finally, the most important thing to consider when looking for the best baccarat casino is addressing their player’s problems. The site should have a robust customer care system. 

    The best site for Free Baccarat Game 

    Many online casinos allow baccarat games free in the casinos. They offer live baccarat games with real money. So before you bet with real money, you can even play it with fake money to learn and then go for the best sites to bet. You can find the best sites and casinos for baccarat and other casino games at PlayNowPro.

    In addition to that following are some safe, reputable, and best sites.

    1. Las Atlantis
    2. 888
    3. Super slots
    4. El royale casino
    5. BetOnline casino
    6. Wild casino

    Best real money Online Baccarat Games

    There are many different variations for baccarat, and they are different from the baccarat table and live baccarat, but all of them are almost the same. With a few differences in them, there are a handful of such games free online available. Following are the three baccarat games that have made quite the rage.

    Punto banco 

    It is the most common kind of baccarat and the most widely played one. It is merely the standard baccarat. The rules are quite simple like those of the traditional baccarat, and you can win at it if you play your cards right. People bet real money on it and win a lot.

    Chemin de Fer 

    It is the oldest version of the baccarat game. In this game, the player takes the banker’s seat and controls who will draw the third card. Players take turns making a wager for the banker. However, the rest of the rules are the same for it, but this baccarat table is not commonly made in online casinos. Very few and the best sites for baccarat offer this version.

    Live dealer 

    In the live dealer game, you get to experience the live baccarat with the baccarat table. There is a dealer who deals cards live to the players. So this allows the players to make bets at different tables at the same time and have multi-bets. 

    Live Baccarat Odds For Winning

    Baccarat is very easy, and the site you are playing on should be fair. This automatically increases the baccarat odds for winning. The best sites for the game should be chosen. PlayNowPro’s casinos and 888 are the best sites. Now let us talk of the baccarat odds on winning at the baccarat table. The odds of winning are 98% if you bet decent. So the first thing you should look for is the house edge. If the house score is higher, the casino increases the odds of winning the game. The highest odds of success are for the player and the banker. There are the least odds of winning for the tie bets, but the pay-out is reasonably well. 

    When you understand the odds, you have a very high chance of winning the game, but it is still a game equally based on your skill and luck. 

    Baccarat Rules Chart

    Now that you have known how you can play baccarat step by step, the following are some thumb rules to bear in mind when you are playing baccarat. Following is the baccarat rule chart:

    1. Real money baccarat is usually played with a 6 or 8 card deck.
    2. Face cards and tens typically have no value.
    3. The value of aces is 1.
    4. Baccarat cannot go over the digit 9. Exceeding it brings you back to zero.
    5. The suits are unrelated to the game.
    6. The banker and player are always in different hands. To understand the hands and moves better, refer to the chart below.

    Baccarat Game Hands And Moves

    The following table describes how each hand and move of bank mean in the game. It is applicable to all baccarat games available on PlayNowPro.

    Bank’s hand Bank’s move
    Two or less than 2 Draw a third card
    3 If the player’s dealt card was not of 8 scores, then take another card
    4 If the player’s dealt card was not 0,1,8 or 9, then take the third card
    5 If the player’s dealt card was not 4,5,6 or 7, then take the third card
    6 If the player’s dealt card was not 6 or 8, then take the third card
    7 You don’t take any card

    Baccarat Bonuses

    Like most casino sites, baccarat also offer real money bonuses in the game, and the most common ones are the entry bonus or the beginner’s bonus. The bonuses are great for you if you bet with real money to have some deposit before you begin your game. 

    Some bonuses are also given in between the game after some intervals in some percentage. These bonuses are to boost your bankroll. Baccarat game isn’t too long, so the sites do not offer many perks, but the best sites for baccarat games provide these bonuses. 

    Some Baccarat Game Tips For Beginners

    If you are a beginner at baccarat online then, the following are the tips you should keep in mind:

    • When choosing the online casino, you should go for the best site with the best reviews. This way, you will not end up getting scammed. PlayNowPro helps you find the best ones.
    • The game ensures you a win after a few losses, but you don’t chase the losses too much. Three losses in a row are a maximum. So it is better to change your baccarat strategy after that.
    • Practice baccarat game free. There are many baccarat games free downloads for pc which do not play with real money. So, practice until you are good at it. 
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