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  • How To Play Bingo Online With Real Money

    How To Play Bingo Online With Real Money

    Whether you are playing online or in person, the Bingo rules are pretty much the same; a card with rows of numbers will be given to each player. In Bingo, this card is called the ticket. Someone will call out the numbers, and if you have those numbers written on your paper, you can cross them off your list.

    Bingo has so many different types, and the numbers on player’s tickets indicate what kind of game they are playing. For example, if tickets have 75numbers, we call Bingo 75. There were days that numbers were printed on balls; one of the players who didn’t have the ticket had a bag on his hand full of these balls; every 30 or 40 seconds, he took one ball out of the bag and called it out. If players have that number on their ticket, they will cross them off, and if they don’t, they have to wait for the next ball. Today with the development of online games, there is no trace of balls anymore. Numbers would be drawn electronically, and each time a number will be shown to players.

    When players on online Bingo games complete one line on their tickets, they will win a certain amount of money based on the amount they have bet on.


    The history of Bingo

    How To Play Bingo Online With Real Money

    Many gamblers believe Bingo started in the 19th or 20th century, but this is not true; this game roots back to 1530 in Italy. Those times there was a chance game called lotto; in the 18th century, French gamblers developed the game, combined it with a calling out game named token. First, they played the game on 27 squares with three rows. French casinos decided to make this game more profitable; they ranged the game from 1 to 90, which finally led to the invention of modern Bingo.

    In the 1920s, an American toymaker named Edwin Lowe who was travelling around US, encountered Gypsies carnival; he saw those people playing a game with wooden disks and a cigar box. One person was on top of a table, and every 20 seconds, he yelled a number; after some time, one of the players yelled Beano, Beano and won the match. Edwin became so interested in this game that he decided to expand the game all over the USA; however, since spelling Beano was a bit difficult, new players changed the name to Bingo.  During the 1940s, this game was not solely played by Gypsies and Edwin’s friends; it was expanded to all American’s houses and became a tradition to play it on Christmas eve.


    Bingo Rules

    So now that you know the general rules of Bingo, it is time to take a deeper look at how we should play this game. It doesn’t matter which type of Bingo you are playing, whether it is an online variation or face-to-face, the first thing you should do is buy your ticket. You can find these tickets before the start of the game; if you purchased a ticket and the game has already started, we recommend you to wait for the next round. Now that you have bought one ticket let’s begin to play!

    The game starts when the player with the bag call the numbers, each player should be on alert because they only call numbers once. On online games, these numbers would be marked by a system. On Bingo clubs, the caller in order to make the game more exciting, announce numbers faster than usual. The caller will announce the nicknames of each number (we discuss this in the next section), and the winner is the first player who crosses off all numbers. Just like poker, Bingo has a full house as well; if a player can cross off all the numbers, he can throw the ticket up in the air and yell full house.


    A Complete List of Bingo Numbers and Nicknames

    As you may guess, having the ticket and calling numbers is not a very fun way to play a game, so old players decided to create cute nicknames for numbers. If you are an expert Bingo player, knowing these nicknames is a usual way of playing this game; however, for beginners, it is one of the killing rules of Bingo. To make this game easier for you, we decided to narrow down all these nicknames.


    Number Bingo Call (Nickname)
    1 Kelly’s Eye
    2 One Little Duck
    3 Cup of Tea
    4 Knock at the Door
    5 Man Alive
    6 Tom Mix
    7 Lucky Seven
    8 Garden Gate
    9 Doctor’s Orders
    10 Cameron’s Den
    11 Legs 11
    12 One Dozen
    13 Unlucky for Some
    14 Valentine’s Day
    15 Young and Keen
    16 Sweet 16
    17 Dancing Queen
    18 Coming of Age
    19 Goodbye Teens
    20 One Score
    21 Royal Salute
    22 Two Little Ducks
    23 Thee and Me
    24 Two Dozen
    25 Duck and Dive
    26 Pick and Mix
    27 Gateway to Heaven
    28 Over Weight
    29 Rise and Shine
    30 Dirty Gertie
    31 Get Up and Run
    32 Buckle My Shoe
    33 Dirty Knee
    34 Ask for More
    35 Jump and Jive
    36 Three Dozen
    37 More than 11
    38 Christmas Cake
    39 Steps
    40 Naughty 40
    41 Time for Fun
    42 Winnie the Pooh
    43 Down on Your Knees
    44 Droopy Drawers
    45 Halfway There
    46 Up to Tricks
    47 Four and Seven
    48 Four Dozen
    49 PC
    50 Half a Century
    51 Tweak of the Thumb
    52 Danny La Rue
    53 Stuck in the Tree
    54 Clean the Floor
    55 Snakes Alive
    56 Was She Worth It?
    57 Heinz Varieties
    58 Make Them Wait
    59 Brighton Line
    60 Five Dozen
    61 Bakers Bun
    62 Turn the Screw
    63 Tickle Me 63
    64 Red Raw
    65 Old Age Pension
    66 Clickety Click
    67 Made in Heaven
    68 Saving Grace
    69 Either Way Up
    70 Three Score and 10
    71 Bang on the Drum
    72 Six Dozen
    73 Queen B
    74 Candy Store
    75 Strive and Strive
    76 Trombones
    77 Sunset Strip
    78 Heaven’s Gate
    79 One More Time
    80 Eight and Blank
    81 Stop and Run
    82 Straight On Through
    83 Time for Tea
    84 Seven Dozen
    85 Staying Alive
    86 Between the Sticks
    87 Torquay in Devon
    88 Two Fat Ladies
    89 Nearly There
    90 Top of the Shop


    Bingo Playing Schedule

    As you may already know, Bingo is a multiple-player game, and in order to start the game, you need other players. Every 5 minutes, a round will begin on online websites, and players can start betting on this game.

    Best Online Casinos for Bingo Players:



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