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    Play Keno Online For Real Money

    Real money Keno is one of the major games played in land-based casinos, and it is a lottery-like game. This game has two main formats: live and video Keno. Lottery-style games are one of the easiest and also popular games worldwide. People that have no knowledge of playing complicated casino games like Poker or Craps tend to sit behind one of the Keno machines and start playing this game. The chance of winning a big prize in Keno is not that much, but gamblers still dream about winning it in each game. Land-based casinos offer big prizes like 8 to 10 million dollars as their jackpot, but when we speak about online casinos, this amount is more realistic, and the odds of winning are better than land-based casinos. Now, this article will help you play and win big in Keno.


    Keno History

    The roots of the Keno word are still ambiguous, and some historians believe it comes from the Latin language while others think it comes from the old French language. While there are some doubts over the origin of the word, the game itself comes from china, legends say the invention of Keno was during a war. The Emperor of China was desperate to earn some money, so he ordered his ministers to invent a new game and use the money earned by that to hire new soldiers. When its usage became apparent, Qin Shi Huang used Keno to build the Great Wall Of China. However corrupt Chinese government used the game to take ordinary citizens’ money, and then it was abandoned. In the 19th century, the game again surfaced, and the Macau government used it for the lottery. Since people welcomed this game with open arms, its popularity reached other parts of the country. Chinese immigrants introduced this game to some businessmen in Texas. The game was named puck-apu at first; however, spelling this name was not easy for Americans, so Americans changed it to Keno to westernize this game. By 1866, this game was played in each part of Texas.


    How to Play Keno Online

    Have you ever played the lottery? Then playing Keno is a very simple and easy game to play for you. In each round, like lottery or lotto games, machines would choose 8 to ten numbers. Players before the game starts should select 3 to 8 digits (on some online games, it is called spot) and wait to see whether their numbers are chosen by the machine. We are going to simplify this game and describe it step by step:

    • Choose an appropriate Keno game. One of the main problems that may cause losing money is choosing the wrong website to play on; if you are going to play Keno for the first time, we recommend playing free Keno, and when you learn its insides and outs, then you can start playing it for real money. There are so many online gambling websites that offer online Keno but choosing the best one is a challenging task to do, later we will discuss it in length.
    • Choose your Keno numbers (spots). As we told you before, players could choose only 3 to 8 numbers on land-based Keno, but when we speak about online Keno, players are allowed 20 numbers in a range between 1 to 80. Depending on how many spots you choose, the prize will be different.
    • Check the odds of websites before playing on them. One of the reasons that ensure winning big is the odds provided by the websites. Websites usually give 3-1 odds to number slots bet, which means if you place a $1 bet on one number, you will have a $2 profit. Some specific online casinos have better odds; they give 4-1 odds, which means you can earn $3 per 1$ bets.
    • Place your bets. On an online casino, you can place your bets with only 3 clicks. As you may see in the picture, there is a section that you can write the amount of money you want to bet on. Based on your expertise and luck, you can place your bet.

    keno online

    • Choose how many keno games you want to play. When you play online Keno, you should choose how many rounds you are going to play before starting your game. If you decide to play four rounds and place $1 for each, you must place $4 for all.

    keno online

    Hit and Play. Once you have chosen the options of your Keno games, it is time for you to hit and compare the machine’s number with your selected slots. Depending on the website that you are playing on, the rules may be different. If you choose 3 numbers, you have to match only one number to win, but the matched numbers can increase to two on some online casinos. If you match enough slots with drawn numbers, you will be victorious in Keno. Many players believe this game is solely a chance game; however, there are always some strategies involved in online games.


    The Best Online Keno Website


    A great example of a successful and trustworthy website is, without a doubt; it has started its legal gambling activity in 2001 and ever since then, it has dominated casino games. This website offers a wide range of online games, and you will have great odds of playing alongside them. Betonline is mainly known for its extraordinary bonuses; players can play multiple games on this website and win bonuses via their deposits.

    • Different kinds of games
    • Offering great bonuses
    • Different payment methods
    • Having mobile and PC Apps
    • Being a legit website



    A very well-known and well-established online casino is 888 casino. This online casino is one of the first companies that started this business; in 1997, the company’s founder decided to create an online sportsbooks company. After two years and gaining popularity, they have expanded their activity, and Since then, they have dominated the gambling industry in all countries by providing outstanding services.

    • Oldest gambling website
    • Offering multiple games
    • Having different websites for popular games
    • Licensed in the UK
    • Great bonuses


    Play Online Keno For Free

    There are many benefits to playing Keno for free; you can learn how to play the game and find out all its secrets. The most critical factor that indicates how you can win in a casino game is knowing the rules. When you are playing online Keno for free, you have the chance of finding out what rules have been set by the house and then use it for your benefit.


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