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  • How to play Roulette online

    Everyone who goes into a casino wants to win, but only a few gamblers have the appropriate knowledge to achieve their goals in casino games. But does this mean that no one can win in casinos? No, as we know, if you are well aware of what you are doing in a casino, you can win big. When you enter a land-based casino, the first thing that catches your eye is a big and colorful table called Roulette. Maybe in movies and tv series, you have watched these tables and wondered what this game is. Roulette is a game with a big wheel and a betting table beside the table. The dealer would spin the wheel and throw a ball in the rotating wheel. Before the wheel’s spin is finished, the gambler should have decided on the number he wanted to bet and placed his bets on.

    Nowadays, Roulette has become an inseparable part of casinos, and many gamblers and players choose to play it because of the high chances of winning the bet. In this article, we will first tell you how Roulette started and what Roulette is, then we will look at the rules and vocabulary related to this game. In the last part, we will show you some winning strategies as well.

    Contrary to popular belief, Roulette is not a Russian game; first, it was seen in Paris, and after that, it got spread to other parts of the world. Nowadays, you cannot find a casino without Roulette, and it is one of the vital parts of a Casino. In the 1700s, well-known mathematician Blaise Pascal invented one of the first perpetual motion machines; Italians took Pascal’s design and combined it with their local game known as Biribi. At first, this newly invented game was not played in any casinos. But in 1796, it became famous, and the French called it La Roulette. The 20th century was the time when this game was brought to the US. Americans as always changed the game and made their own modifications to the game, which we see in Vegas.


    How to play Roulette

    When you first enter a casino, you might find Roulette Difficult to play. However, it is not a challenging game to play; you just need to know the rules and then you can start betting. In this part, we will discuss the American roulette table and then look at other types of this game.

    Roulette is played on a table called Roulette table and consists of a wheel and betting layout. As you may be familiar, this wheel consists of 36 numbers plus two green parts (Zero, double Zeros). A ball would be placed on the wheel; then the wheel will spin, and at one point in time, the ball would stop in one of the numbers. The number that the ball has stopped on shows who wins the game. So how can players place their bets?

    Besides the wheel, on the table layout, you can find numbers with some additional numbers underneath. But what are these extra numbers? Directly below the number, you can see three rectangular parts that are written 2 to 1—each of these 2 to 1 spaces shows which sequence of numbers players can bet on. If a player puts his chips on the middle 2 to 1, he indicates that the ball would stop on one of those above numbers. If the player wins the bet, then the house should payout 2 to 1 ratio. In American Roulette, the odds to succeed in this bet is 31.6%.

    On one side of the numbers, you can see 3 rectangular spaces. These three spaces divide 36 into 3 parts; 1-12, 12-24, and finally 24- 36. These three are called Dozens, and if a player places his bet on one of them, players might have a 31.6% chance of winning. Right below these 3 dozens, you can see six new rectangulars. If a player wants a higher chance of winning in Roulette, we recommend these 6 options.

    There are black and red rectangular spaces; this shows that players can choose one of these two choices, and if they win, they will have a 1:1 payout option. On the left side of red, you find Even, and on the right side of black, you see Odd numbers. These two show you can bet on odd or even numbers, which by considering two green numbers it will give a 47.4% chance of winning the bet.

    You see number 36 divided into two parts on each side, which we call high or low. If a player puts his bet on the left side, he indicates the ball would stop between 1 and 18, and if he bet on the right side, he bet on high, and the ball will stop between 19 to 36.

    The most critical numbers in Roulette Table are two green zeros. If the ball stands in each of these numbers, only players who bet on these two will win the game, and the other bets will be lost.

    Roulette online

    All types of Roulettes

    European Roulette

    European Roulette

    Contrary to American Roulette, in this version of the game, the table has only one 0 that means the wheel has 37 pockets. In European Roulette, players have a better chance of winning the game rather than American Roulette. In simple English, the house odds in European Roulette are 2.70%, while in American is 5.26%.


    French Roulette

    French Roulette

    Maybe the oldest variation of the Roulette game is French Roulette; this version became popular in the French revolution and is played in Monte Carlo casinos ever since then. In this version of Roulette, the house has the lowest possible edge, which is 1.35%.

    The game is played on ordinary European Wheels; however, as you see, the table is somehow different. As you have seen before, the outside bets in American Roulette are placed on the left side of the table, while in French Roulette, these bets are placed on both sides of the table.


    How to play online Roulette

    One of the most significant concerns of each roulette player is cheating by a house or other players. In online roulette games, this matter rules out, and the player can bet whenever they want. The rules of “roulette physics,” which help players guess and anticipate the following number, do not apply in this type of Roulette. However, there are some differences in online Roulette which is better to be reviewed before we start the game;

    • Spin – you confirm your bets, and the dealer spins the wheel
    • Double – players have a chance to double their bets
    • Clear bets – before the start of the next round, players can remove all their bets
    • Undo – players can draw the last bet they have placed
    • Double and Spin – they can double their last bet and spin the wheel
    • Rebet and Spin – players can keep the previous bet and spin the wheel
    • Rebet – they can change the bet that they want to place


    All kinds of Roulette Bets

    The reason that makes Roulette so impressive is the combination of bets that a player can have on this game. The game offers players 3 different betting options; inside, outside, and announced bets. Inside and outside are two basic categories that all Roulette games offer, but announced bets are only available in unique Roulette variants. What are these rules? What do they mean to the house and the player?


    Inside Bets

    If you look back to the Roulette table layout, you will see two parts on a table; numbers and sub-sections. If a player bets on only numbers in Roulette, we call it inside bets. There are seven kinds of inside bets in Roulette and below we describe them all;

    1 Straight this bet is placed directly and only on one number; in this kind of bet, the chip should be placed on the number you want
    2 Split A bet placed between two numbers that are adjacent to each other, for example, putting the bet on the line between 19 and 20
    3 Street A bet is placed on three consecutive numbers located on the same line. In this bet, you have to place chips on the outer corner of the row.
    4 Six Line If you want to bet on two adjacent rows, you choose this bet to do you have to place chips on the outer corner between two rows
    5 Corner Corner or square bet if you want to cover four numbers at the same time, you place the bet on the corner which covers all four numbers
    6 Trio One of the few cases that can cover zeros and numbers is if a player place chips on the line between zeros box and 2, 3, then we call it Trio.
    7 Basket Bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 with a chip on the corner covering the zero box and the first line.

    Inside Bets

    Outside Bets

    As we talked about before, the outside bets are bets that do not cover numbers directly. Instead, they would be placed in boxes that indicated a group of numbers. There are five widespread types of outside bets.

    Red or Black If you want to have a higher chance of winning, you bet on one of the two common colors; red and black
    Odd or Even Except for two zeros; we have two kinds of the number they are either odd or even
    1 to 18 or 19 to 36 If we divide 36 into two parts, we have 1-18 or 19-36, which means we have high or low
    Dozens Betting on one of the three dozen at the bottom of the table
    Columns The bet which covers one of the  three columns



    The Basic Betting Rules

    • Place your bet on the number that you want
    • Before the rolling starts, gamblers can place their bet
    • In Roulette, only the dealer can touch chips and ball
    • In any circumstances, the players can not touch the marker


    The Betting Strategies

    Roulette is one of the most played casino games all over the world. But there are some issues that gamblers should put into consideration before betting. First of all, we have three types of Roulette games; American, European, and French. If you want to win in a Roulette game before starting to spin, you may better have a good strategy in place. Below we have some strategies which will be helpful in the game. Below are the most well-known Roulette strategies in the world.

    • Progressive
    • Betting Zones
    • Predictive Systems
    • Martingale
    • Grand Martingale
    • D’Alembert
    • Oscar Grind
    • The Paroli
    • Shotwell System
    • The Red System

    Roulette Bet Payout European Roulette Odds American Roulette Odds


    Roulette Bet Payout European Roulette Odds American Roulette Odds
    Single Number 35 to 1 2.70% 2.60%
    2 Number Combination 17 to 1 5.4% 5.3%
    3 Number Combination 11 to 1 8.1% 7.9%
    4 Number Combination 8 to 1 10.8% 10.5%
    5 Number Combination 6 to 1 13.5% 13.2%
    6 Number Combination 5 to 1 16.2% 15.8%
    Column 2 to 1 32.40% 31.6%
    Dozen 2 to 1 32.40% 31.6%
    Even/Odd 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%
    Red/Black 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%
    Low/High 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%



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