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    How To Play Scratch Cards Online

    A scratch card is a confidential paper that contains an important information under its sealed part. The person who has bought it should use his nail or sharp metal for scratching off an opaque covering. This system was first used on telephone, cellphone devices, and other prepaid services for covering PIN codes. However, in 1987, the popularity of this method increased, and a company whose primary activity was organizing lottery games, known as Astro-Med, Inc. of West Warwick, Rhode Island, registered this patent for itself and used it for the instant scratch-off lottery tickets.

    At first this game was very simple; players had to scratch off three parts of the card. Each piece of the card shows one symbol; if all three revealed elements were the same symbol, then the player would win a specific amount of money. However, with the development of lottery games, more complicated scratch cards surfaced. New scratch cards involved pictures, words, blackjack, poker and monopoly. Today, with the increasing number of online gambling, new variations of scratch games have emerged, which we will discuss in this article.


    Online Scratch Cards vs. Traditional Scratch

    In traditional scratch games, players had to go to local stores or other chain supermarkets to buy these cards, however on online games, you can quickly start playing this game by registering for a well-knownonlone casino. The popularity of these online games was overgrowing, that online casinos decided to dedicate a section to this significant game. Today you can find many online casinos that offer scratch games in two ways: a bonus for your deposits or a game that deposits money and play it.


    How to Play Scratch Cards Game  

    If you ask gamblers, they firmly believe scratch cards are the easiest game to play and win money. If a player knows the game’s essential rules and combines them with useful strategies, he can win money on this game. If you want to play this game first, make sure you choose a good game variation and set your strategy based on the game you choose.

    The first step in playing online Scratch Cards is to find a trustworthy and well-known website for playing. We recommend you to find a website that offers many different games because these websites are reputable to pay back the money you have won and to do so, they use many different payment methods.

    When you choose your website, it is time to decide which type of scratch you are willing to play. The game you select makes your strategy too, so never wander around games, choose the best suitable one and play it until you win. Many players think that the only thing they should do is scratching the cover, but this game is somehow more than that; you have to play on with strategies.

    When you choose the website and the game, it is now time to play it. Basically, authentic websites offer nine scratches; However, new enhancement has been seen on this game, and 3*9 scratch cards are provided (means players have 27 options to choose from). These scratch cards have two lines; players should decide which vertical and horizontal lines they want to scratch. Contrary to popular belief, scratching lines are not important on online scratch cards; the most significant element of success is selecting the best scratch card.


    Scratch card game rules

    The first reason behind the success of each gambler is knowledge. If the player fully understands the game, then he would be successful in the game. Here we are going to tell you all the rules of the online Scratch Card game. These rules are as follows:

    • The first and the most crucial rule in this game is to buy these cards from an authorized dealer. The reason behind the importance of this matter is that only these dealers can pay your winning.
    • The second important fact that you should pay attention to is following the basic rules of scratch games; This means you have to focus on matching the required combination then try to achieve other objectives.
    • The last and the most important rule of the game is to claim the prize as soon as possible. Whether playing scratch cards for real money or for free, never forget to claim your winnings.


    Scratch Cards Game Strategy

    Knowing rules are one part of the success the other, and in my opinion, the most important one is to have a winning strategy in place. But what are these strategies, and how we can use them to our benefit;

    • At first, never buy cheap Scratch Cards, if you want to win big, you should also spend big
    • Before starting the game, review all the websites, and see which ones have a better offer for you
    • Always set some limits for yourself. Never let your dreams and emotions block your judgments.


    Different Scratch Cards Games

    Just like the traditional games, on online scratch cards, there are three distinct types of games;


    Instant wins: unlike regular scratch cards, on instant wins, you have to click on three panels, and if you can match these three, then you are the winner.


    Lines: this type is somehow like Slots, there are some symbols on the game that each has some value. You have to match three identical symbols on one line to claim winning.


    Multiple Chances: on this type of game, a symbol will be given to you; now, the only thing you have to do is finding that specific symbol.


    What are the chances of winning money on a scratch card?

    Over the past few years, the lottery companies tried to increase the odds of winning scratch cards or at least convince players to believe this way. However, they were not much successful until the online scratch cards took control of the business. We can not have a conclusive probability on traditional games, but when we speak about online games, gamblers have 1 in 5 or in some cases; websites offer 1 in 2.5  for regular players.


    Why we should play online scratch card games

    There are many reasons why we should choose online scratch card games over its traditional ones, but here we are going to tell you the most important ones;

    • There are over hundred themes to choose from, including movies, actors and novels.
    • You don’t need any technical expertise; you only need to practice and then become a pro player.
    • There are many bonuses involved in this game, and players can use them to play other games.


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