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how to play poker

Poker game


No doubt poker has been one of the best played and admired casino card games over the years. For lovers across the globe they can now play it online with friends. There are numerous sites and apps, such as Zynga, where millions of people try their luck and skill. 

If you new to the game, you must know that it is played differently. It can be the five-card draw, video poker, or Texas hold ’em online. You can even look for more information on PlayNowPro. You will get credible information about online casinos and sites for the online game. According to researches, over 40 million people play it regularly.

Poker game

When Did Online Poker Begin?

Online poker began no long until the end of the 20th century. It started in the 1990s. Then in 1998, the first-ever online site came into working. It used real money in the online game. After that, there were many other such sites. People played the game within the comforts of their homes. In 2004, a sporting bet made an online version of this game that blew off the online and live casinos. It is still the most comprehensive online platform. These platforms kept coming after that and made a lot of money. They have been contributing to many businesses. 

Now you can see that the trend of this online game and casinos has become common again. The main reason for it being so common in 2020 and 2021 is due to COVID. People are bound to their homes, and playing it free online is the best entertainment they can look for. 


As much as you admire playing it online with friends, you would be wondering if it uses real money or not. The answer is simple; yes and no! Many online websites offer real online gambling on the game. 

There are others as well where you play it online for free. For instance, Zynga is the most popular app, shifting from fake money to real gambling on its regular users’ request.

 Moreover, many online casinos also offer promotions and prizes to their dedicated players. These may be in the form of a buffet or a night stay at any casino. So, it won’t be an exaggeration to state that these online games are scaling larger than life.

Is Poker Online with Friends Legal?

People discuss the topic of the legality of online poker in the US a lot. The main reason is that the US’s policies keep changing, so to keep up with the new policies, one needs to be aware of the latest information. These games with real money are entirely legal in a few states, and other states consider legalizing online gambling. 

As of January 2021, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, and Michigan have passed laws online in these states. However, US regulated state poker sites are not available in Virginia and Michigan yet. 

Poker Stars, Bonuses, And Rewards

Poker Stars, Bonuses,

You get a real money bonus from the site due to joining and sometimes as an incentive on being a loyal patron. The thing about online bonuses and rewards is that you cannot claim the bonus money right after winning it. It might take time, and you might get it once you make it to another milestone. Some of the common types of online bonuses are as follows:

  • The most common type of bonus is the welcome bonus. It is the money a player gets after joining an online casino. This money, once given, is all yours to use where ever you like. Though, this can expire after a month or so.
  • The reload bonus is also the same as the welcome bonus. The only difference is that it is lesser in amount, and not only the new players get it, even existing players can get it. 
  • Rakeback was a common bonus in the past, but now it is generally referred to as a VIP bonus. A small percentage of your money is deducted as a rake and in the form of a Rakeback bonus; then you get that money as a bonus.
  • In most online casinos, there are frequent player points (FPPs). The most consistent players get the VIP bonuses and rewards.
  • Lastly, one bonus that you might find in some casinos is the casino bonus. This is based on the casino. 

Some Online Poker Games Myths

When it comes to the online version of this game, there are many myths associated with it. Mainly the myths are that the online game is a scam. Let’s bust such myths. As far as being scammed is concerned, you need to go to these online sites through a credible and best site such as PlayNowPro. 

  1. The first myth is that people think you can never win in an online game, all of it scammed. It is absolutely a myth, and anybody can win it online. 
  2. People say that it is easy to collude online. First, clear the misconception that colluding does happen in the game, whether live or online, but colluding is more challenging in the online game. 
  3. The third myth is that you tend to get more bad beats in an online game. You can get bad beats, whether it is online or live. In the online game, when you are handling too many hands simultaneously, you will be more likely to get more bad beats. 
  4. Another myth lingering for years now is that you lose all your money after cashing out. If you are playing from a good site, there isn’t any need for the site to block your money. 

Best Online Poker Sites

There are dozens of free online sites, and you can invest and play well. The player has to invest in the games and nowhere else. Some of the best sites are available on PlayNowPro. Some of the best casinos are:

Best Online Poker Sites

Some of the best casino games that you can find here are:

All of these are quite enjoyable. Try these and find for yourself which one do you like. 

Types Of Online Poker 

There are many different versions of this online game. The great thing about all of them is that they have the same basics, but at the same time, they are widely different. There are many online options for this game, but the following are some of the widely played online games are described as follows:


Texas hold ’em is undoubtedly the king of poker games in the United States. It begins with as little as two cards in hand and five community cards placed on the table to proceed.

If you are playing Texas hold ’em online with friends, you must be aware that you can bet four times per game. The game is simple; you need to make the best combination with the two cards in hand and the five placed on the table. 

The player with the best combination wins both the game and the prize. So, if you are an aspiring casino lover, Texas Hold’em is a game worth playing. Being so popular, it is available on almost every casino site. You can play it on Zynga, PlayNowPro, or any other best site. 

Texas Hold’em Poker game Rules.

It starts with poker hands. The dealer begins the game. On the left of the hand or dealer are two big and small blind who will start betting. The person on the left of the big blind will either bet more or fold their hand. It moves clockwise in the same manner, and people who haven’t folded hands will be going to the next rounds. There are four rounds.

  1. In the first round, pre-flop, players have to make decisions wisely based on their own two cards.
  2. Flop is the round in which the center three cards are dealt, and it begins the clockwise action from the big blind. After this round, players have the idea of which cards might be used to make hands.
  3. By their turn round, players are only missing one card to make a poker hand. If there is sufficient money in the pot, players make a deal here, and if not, players move to the next round.
  4. The river is the final round in which the players get the last card to make a hand. If by then two players haven’t folded their hands, the one with better cards wins. It is the showdown. 


How do you play Texas Hold’em step by step?


Omaha is the second most played online game. It is an advanced form, and once you are good at Texas Hold ’em, you can move to Omaha. It has 52 cards, and it is played with cards upside down. You cannot see which card is with you. This is the main difference between Texas hold ’em and Omaha. Another difference in Omaha’s rules is that players get four cards at the beginning of the game instead of 2. Otherwise, the rules are all the same in both the poker games.

Seven Card Stud

Before texas hold’em became popular, seven-card stud was the most popular game in the US. It is different from Omaha, and Texas hold ’em ultimately in rules and playing it. Usually, 2 to 8 players can play this game.

Seven Card Stud Poker Game Rules

Each player gets seven cards, and the game begins with each player getting two face-down hole cards and one facing-up card. The third card is the third street. The ante begins the betting by putting in some money in the pot. Then a bring-in bids the more considerable amount. To get to that amount, the lowest bidder ante has to contribute to the pot. This is where the clockwise game begins, and every player has the option of folding or raising money. Now when betting is done, the players left are dealt with a fourth card, called the fourth street—now beginning with another betting round after this. The betting limit increases in the fifth, sixth, and Seventh Street. The best starting hands for a seven-card stud is that you have three flush cards, three straight cards, high pocket pairs, and rolled up trips.

Five Card Draw

It is the best online game for people who are just beginning with online poker. It is very easy to learn. The game isn’t quite complicated, so players can bet at more than one place simultaneously and deal with more than one hand at a time. 

Five Card Draw Poker Game Rules 

It begins with each player having his hand, which is kept hidden from other players. Each player is given two cards, and then five cards which will make a hand. It is quite simple. Like the texas hold’em, it begins with betting of the small blind and big blind. Later, there is one drawing and two betting rounds. The game isn’t complicated, so I liked it for beginners.

Online Vs. Live 

Both online and live poker is equally entertaining with their pros and cons but based on what the majority of the players think and the inclination of the audience in 2021, it has to be the online one. The benefit of a live game is that you interact better socially, but an online game wins the game in all other cases. You can simultaneously play on many tables, get to do better analysis, and select the better game on the online game site. The games are available 24/7, and you can play them online in the comforts of your home. 

Bottom Line

The trend of live poker is shifting to online, and so are the new players. If you are a new player, the first thing you have to watch out for in choosing the best site like PlayNowPro to play the game. Other than that, have a specific amount you want to bet in and give yourself enough time to learn. If you don’t want to bet money, you can always play free online games with fake money. There are many options if you are to begin, and you will be immersed in the sea of online poker. 

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