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Terms of Use

Legal and Terms of Use

The PlayNowPro is one of the well-trusted casinos online. We are independently managed, and we offer our services legally. Users and visitors of this website should use the information for informational and educational purposes only. However, by using this website, you agree to our terms of use stated below. If you do not agree, it is better to exit and not use our site instead.

Terms of Use

In PlayNowPro, we do not allow any type of illegal activities here. It is also our responsibility to identify and check our visitors if it is allowed in their specific areas. Likewise, not all areas are applicable to use this site. That is why we have to check out first your location before allowing you to participate with us. We ensure you that we are also knowledgeable when it comes to juridical laws. It covers the area, and the legal age of each user.

It is also our responsibility to provide accurate information on our website. If there are inaccurate and misleading details, it is better to report it right away with us. It might be mistakenly or accidentally. It is better to reach out with us, if that is the case. It is not our intention to spread and share inaccurate information to our visitors.

Regarding third-party links, third-party disclosure and links are already out of our hand. It has its own rules and regulations. We are not in control with it. Therefore, if any link and software appear in your site, the PlayNowPro has no accountability in it. But you can tell it with us by contacting us through our emails. But we’ll remind ourselves that the PlayNowPro has no control in it. It is already out of our hands.

Privacy and Self-Exclusion Feature

In PlayNowPro, we value each other’s privacy. We make sure that all the information is safe and well-protected. We used various security systems and enforced rules and regulations to make sure that it was secured. We do not allow, sell, and trade the information to others – outside the parties. We also do not allow unsolicited emails and any unsolicited correspondence. Also, the most important is we have a no-spam policy. All of us take privacy seriously. Even us, we are careful with our privacy. That is why there is nothing to worry about with us when it comes to a privacy matter.

Self-Exclusion Feature

Are you having a hard time controlling yourself in gambling? If you find yourself having a problem with it, PlayNowPro offers a self-exclusion feature. It aims to help the users to control themselves in playing. The self-exclusion feature is a special button that will block you from the casino software. It will give you no access to our site.

The self-exclusion feature might last days, weeks, and months. It depends on the length you’ll use and want to take rest from the casino gambling. After the specified amount of time, that is when you will again use our software. So, if you want to take a bit of rest, you are welcome to use the self-exclusion feature.

Contact Us

If you have questions, feel free to contact us anytime. We can give you a lot more information about us. And we would be so glad to help and to serve you in any matter. Therefore, if you have questions, you could take a look at our FAQs Section. But if you did not find your supposed question, you could directly contact us. Reach out with us through our emails. Enjoy your game, and remember to play responsibly.

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