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play now pro Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The play now pro has covered a lot of protection. We imply the PII or the Personally Identifiable Information. The PII consists of US privacy laws and security. It protects every identity, information, and contact of a person. If you are still hesitating and wondering, here are further details about our privacy policies:

Personal Information

In registration, we include the email address, name, contacts, and other details connected with our service. We assure you that all the information you will answer is protected and secured from us.

Collecting Information

We collect your information when you are registered to our site, subscribe to newsletters, and respond to a survey. That is when we will collect your information. However, we guarantee you that we will not ask you questions that are not connected to our service.

Using Information

There are certain reasons why we collect information. For signing-up for newsletters, our goal is to keep you updated and informed. We also use it for product offerings. We want to give you a better experience with our service, at the same time. Likewise, we have no bad intentions in your information. We use it to have an easy and fast interaction with our customers.

We Protect the Information

There are certain ways on how we protect your information. First, we imply various safety measures in protecting the information. All the personal details you have entered are well-safe and secured. We are also using safety systems to ensure that it is well-protected in our hands. But other than, here are some list on how we protect the information:

  • Regular Malware Scanning
  • We Don’t Use Vulnerable Scanning
  • We Don’t Require Credit Card Numbers
  • Further Details

When it comes to viewing, our service allows the customers to view their personal information. You can also change and export them anytime you want. For deleting the account, you can contact right away for immediate response.

Cookies, Third-Party Disclosure and Links


In our service, we are using HTTP cookies to keep all the information from the users. It is the best use for collecting and storing up data. Otherwise, it also helps to identify the users easily. The information stated is not all about the personal information you have answered. The ID of your computer and devices are covered in cookies too. However, it is vulnerable in keeping privacy, but otherwise, our service provides other security systems as well. We are balanced and make sure that everything is safe in our hands. However, cookies are helpful in many ways at the same time. It helps us to identify the users easily, enable a better experience in web browsing, and create smooth interaction. For further details, here how we use the cookies in our service:

  • Tracking of advertisements
  • Collect the data from site traffic and interactions.
  • Better site experiences
  • Collect information

However, it is not a requirement to use HTTP cookies. The choice is in you, after all. You can turn it off if you want. However, you can disable it through your browser settings. But when you turn it off, you’ll receive fewer updates and features from our site.

Third-Party Disclosure

We do not give other personal information outside parties of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) without your consent. We ensure that we’ll give notice first to our customers. Your information is still safe with us, and we’ll protect it at all costs. We ensure to follow our privacy policy, online law, rules, and regulations. For clarification, the third-party disclosures only require advertisements, marketing, and other important interactions.

Third-Party Links

In PlayNowPro, we include third-party products and services. But we ensure that every information is well-secured in us. But unfortunately, some actions sometimes are being linked to these sites. And to clarify it, it is not our liability and responsibility in this matter. Third-party sites have their own enforcing rules and regulations. But we ensure that all your information is still protected and secured from us.

Privacy Protection Act

Children Online Privacy Protection Act

In PlayNowPro, we ensure protection from children’s privacy and security. We do not specifically market our services under the age of 13 years old. We implement the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), where it controls and limits our children who are at this age. We disable the account for people under the age of 13 years old.

Online Privacy Protection Act

The privacy button can easily be found on our page. On the other hand, it will also notify you about it. We ensure that every client we have is covered with privacy policy and security systems. However, we also allow third-party behavioral tracking in our service. But there is nothing to worry about. Every information is secured, and likewise, we use various security systems at the same time. If something is bothering you regarding this matter, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Fair Information Practices Principles

The Fair Information Practices Principles play a huge role in protecting the data online. It serves as protection for each personal information. On the other hand, it is about the privacy laws in the United States. We implement it in our service – to ensure the protection of each user.

Individual Redress Principle

The Individual Redress Principle gives you the right to charge legal action for those who disobey the laws and regulations. Collecting your data without your consent is a serious matter. Do not let slip into your hand and ignore, but it is highly recommended to do a legal action.


The CAN SPAM Act is a set of rules about commercial emails, commercial messages, and any form of advertisements online. It tells about to stop sending various unnecessary promotions through your email.

Otherwise, in PlayNowPro, once you have given us your email, there is a possibility that you’ll become part of the casual advertisements. The CAN SPAM Act is a set of rules that gives you the right to stop sending ad emails to your account.

There is a criterion for CAN SPAM. For further information, check these other details about CAN SPAM. It is necessary to be aware and knowledgeable about this matter.

  • The email should have no false and misleading heading information.
  • It does not practice deceptive subject lines.
  • It can identify as an ad easily.
  • Have a clear explanation of how the recipient opted out of receiving future emails.
  • Opt-out request punctually

If one or two more of these fail, it is the sign to practice the CAN SPAM Act immediately. Take immediate action, or if it is from us, it is better to contact us right away.

Acceptance of these Terms

By using this site, it means you agree with our policies. But if not, it is better not to use our site instead.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this matter, it is highly suggested to contact us right away. We are available 24/7 hours, and we will be so glad to discuss it further with you.

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